The AI ​​on your iPhone translates your voice in an incredible way

AI is learning to do things that, until a few months ago, seemed like science fiction. However, these uses are already with us, and in today’s post we bring you a new AI tool that you can use from your iPhone that translates your voice. Yes, no matter how strange language seems to you, Thanks to this algorithm, you will speak it (with video) just as if you were a native speaker.

Make a deep fake of your own voice, but in another language

The re-creation of our person, in its various aspects, is already manifesting itself in different ways in the world of artificial intelligence. Whether it’s putting our face on someone else’s or giving our voice to wizards so we can recreate it virtually, this is just beginning.

And one of the iterations that has appeared recently is your head, a web tool that we can open from Safari, has a very simple premise: we record ourselves on video, we speak in front of the camera; We upload the video to the web app and wait for it to process, finally we will receive the same video with our face and Our voice, but translated into the language we want. Of course, we have to talk about a newly created tool, in which we use the free version. This means that languages ​​that are more similar to each other or that are more commonly translated will have a more accurate result, in relation to our sound. But this is artificial intelligence, so it is also a matter of a short time to see a significant improvement in this aspect.

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It seems hard to believe at first, but the truth is that it is a tool that works surprisingly well for being so freshly created. At the moment, only our voice translation department is working. But there is no lip-syncing. That is, in future versions, the developers have already said that in addition to the translated audio, This will coincide with the movement and movement of our lips.

How our voice is translated in Rask.AI

The process is very simple. Once logged in, we will have a panel in which we will see the projects that we have translated. All we have to do is select the video we want, adjust the language parameters and let the AI ​​process it. And how do you do that? Well, by transcribing what we say in the video, to translate it later and apply it using deepfakes of audio.

When the video is translated, the site tells us we can close the page. And in a few minutes we will receive an email with the already translated project. But we can also get our translation result in Rask.AI web interface itself.

Rask ai appyour head He has a free plan that we can access Subtitle 2 videos per month, max 100MB in size and 1 minute. However, with a payment plan, this limitation is unlocked. And it is that we will have up to 25 minutes maximum duration per video, in more than 60 different languages, on the $39 per month plan. But if we want to go further, we can switch to the Pro plan, which costs $ 99 per month and with which we will have early access to the lip-syncing function, and a maximum of 100 minutes per video.

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