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More and more progress in the training of high-level scientific specialists is necessary to raise the qualifications of our specialists and with it the quality of care for our employees.

To assess how these actions are going in the health sector and to analyze the essential aspects that allow us to update the degree policy, we held a meeting at the headquarters of the Ministry of Public Health, in which Doctors of Science Ondina León DÃaz, Director General of Science, Technology and Innovation, and Amaryles Torres Ramirez, Director of Higher Education, participated in, Both are from the Ministry of Higher Education.

The meeting was also attended by directors of the Ministry of Public Health and representatives of doctoral programs accredited in the sector, where the role that committees of scientific certificates will play in a special way was strengthened. In keeping with the model of continuous training of professionals that distinguishes us – and is a great strength – it is necessary to create conditions for further advancement in the training of Doctors of Science at all universities of medical sciences in the country.

Although promotion to higher teaching and research categories and the number of Doctors of Science are low in this sector – considering the great potential we have for it – important steps have been taken recently to further improve our professionals.

At the end of 2021, 177 doctoral defenses were made: the historical best result for the Ministry of Public Health and the number of doctoral students outnumbering doctors in the sciences the sector has today.

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Last year, 3,697 research projects were implemented, which means an increase of 1,061 projects over the year 2020. As a result of research and innovation of our professionals, 798 scientific results were circulated, which means important contributions to the development of health services.

Encouraging and promoting measures that allow for a permanent increase in the scientific level of professionals and technicians in the health sector is an essential task. The promotion that young people can overcome must also be a commitment from all. They are the driving force behind science and in their hands lies the future of Cuba’s healthy development.

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