La Nación / A slight recovery is expected in Itaipu . production

Given the fact that the hydropower status of the water reservoirs in the Southeast and Midwest regions (SE/CO) of Brazil is in more favorable conditions compared to what was observed in 2021, the regular flow of the Itaipu Hydroelectric Station is expected. The power plant, during 2022, does not observe minimum values ​​like those recorded last year, according to the report submitted by the Operations Supervisory Authority of the Bi-national Technical Directorate (OP.DT).

Likewise, it indicates that, during the second semester, it is expected that the water stored in the upstream tanks will be gradually sent to the Itaipu Power Plant to meet the demand requirements of the interconnected systems during the dry period, especially in the months of August to October.

In this way, the estimated cumulative production of the hydropower plant for this year is estimated at 70,500,000 MWh, which is higher than that recorded last year which was 66,369,253 MWh. The report also indicates that the main reservoirs upstream of Itaipu are already in a more favorable hydrological situation than those recorded in 2021.

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These reservoirs are primarily located in the SE/CO energy region of Brazil, and currently have a storage level of 64.3% compared to 35.4% during the same period in 2021. This information is relevant given that, historically, on average, 80% flow dependent To Itaipu Power Plant to operate these plants and their reservoirs.

However, the energy region in the south did not register the same recovery as the other regions, and its storage decreased from the beginning of December 2021 to March 2022, the report indicates.

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The same report adds that because Itaipu is strongly connected to the SE/CO and South subsystems of Brazil, in the present energy state, the uniform flux is gradually increasing, in order to compensate for the lower values ​​of the flux fluxes into the middle. This was due to the lack of precipitation in the previous months, and the preference for binational power delivery to the southern region of Brazil, given its hydroelectric state.

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