This is how you can migrate WhatsApp chats from iPhone to Samsung


WhatsApp has finally, officially announced, that chats can be migrated between devices that have them iOS and Android, although the first who can count on this functionality will be precisely the iPhone and some Samsung mobile phones.

The company circulated the news in an official statement, in which it announced that this would be the first step as part of its plan to facilitate the deportation process. At the moment the option is only available for Stream from iPhone to Samsung, although they promise that soon they will allow more options among more devices.

As explained by the company, the migration will allow the transfer of account information, profile picture, one-to-one chats, group chats, chat history, media and settings. However, it is not possible to transfer the call history or the name chosen to appear before the non-added contacts.

It should be made clear that there is a specific detail that must be taken into account when making immigration and that is Samsung cell phone is required to be brand new Or, failing that, the factory has just been restored. For those users who already have one of these smartphones and have used it for a while, they will be asked to fully configure it so that the option becomes available.

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How to transfer data

If you need to perform the migration, you must first make sure that you have an iPhone WhatsApp iOS Version or later and must own the target Samsung phone WhatsApp Android version or newer. In addition, the application must be installed on the new device Samsung SmartSwitch Version the last one.

After checking that the properties are correct, all that remains is to prepare a file USB Type C connection cable And follow these steps:

1. Turn on Samsung and Connect it by cable Iphone

2. Follow the instructions that will appear through Samsung smart switch

3. When prompted, scan a file QR Code Displayed on your new Samsung device using the iPhone camera

4. touch. Contact. Link Started on iPhone and wait for the process to complete

5. Keep setting up your new Samsung device

6. When you get to the home screen, open WhatsApp and Log in with the same phone number that was used on the previous device

7. touch. Contact. Link Yes Once the option appears and wait for the process to complete

8. Finish activating your new device because the conversations The WhatsApp It should be available now

Remember that after completing the process, all the data will remain on your old iPhone, so if you are going to continue to use your Samsung cell phone, it is recommended Delete the copy on the previous device for security. In addition, the data that was part of the migration will not pass through the cloud – WhatsApp promises that you will not see it this way – so it is also advisable to save a backup in the Android cloud.

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This process is very useful for those users who have given up an old iPhone and decided to buy a new Samsung cell phone that they are using. Android 10. For the rest of the users who have another type of smartphone within their plans, it is very likely that the functionality will be extended over the next few months with the multi-device connectivity promised by the messaging app.

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