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Let’s fight, no smoke. The boys are hungry and claws.” Dipo Martinez welcome. One of the new icons of the national team was the only person on the team who spoke publicly after the draw (at Olé) and displayed a profile that really marked this national team. A group that knew how to surround Messi and make him feel comfortable and had a driver ( On his first try) he turns his back on exaggerated praise.Good signals from the goalkeeper in his words (same as DT talk from Qatar) that he doesn’t believe in it, something to keep from here to World Cup Qatar (in confirmed days and times).

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The intriguing opening match of the World Cup: It won't start with Qatar

The balls winked at us with the World Cup group, but it’s nothing like hiking. There are two adversaries who deserve respect without being a force: Mexico and Poland. And it’s not that Argentina are a perfect little machine beyond 31 undefeated matches. There is harmony, team spirit, strength, identity… and there is so much to grow. The illusion is not due to the area he touched but from what is perceived from the outside. In fact, at Russia 2018 they qualified for the round of 16 despite the presence of Croatia, Iceland and Nigeria in the region. This time there is a more auspicious preview, with another power, for example, to face France or Denmark in the round of 16, the favorites to go to the other side (or Peru?).

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Drawing with OLE

Argentina are strong, they are more than many teams, but there is nothing left for them. It’s a step behind others like Brazil (away from the fact that they won the Copa America), France, and possibly Germany, but the important thing is the upward bend of a cohesive group. With reason, with acceptable technician. Today the team has many numbers on (Messi, Debo, Otamendi, Cutie, Paredes, De Paul, Lautaro, Di Maria) and Some aspects to be improved: controlling matches for longer and calibrating the sharpness in some plays better, reduce the risk of expulsion and more in the World Cup. No matter what competitors are playing, the question is to keep the streak and be aware of what we have and what’s missing.

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OLÉ drawing program

Great broadcast of the draw, with Depo at the end

Look at it, don’t miss it

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