The Argentine ambassador to the United States responded to the controversy over the Chinese fighters

After the strong statements of US Senator María Elvira Salazar, the Argentine ambassador to the country, Jorge Arguello, responded to the controversy that arose. Notably, the official stated that the alleged installation of a Chinese military factory in Argentina would be “a pact with the devil that could have consequences of biblical proportions.”

In this sense, Argüello sent a letter to the US legislator, describing her accusations at the meeting of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee as “offensive” and “inaccurate.” Likewise, he stated in his letter that “there is no infrastructure or military presence of a force from outside the region in Argentina, except as consistent with the illegal occupation of the Malvinas Islands by the United Kingdom.”

Jorge Arguello. Source: Clarin

Another issue noted by the Argentine ambassador was that these references were “offensive and insulting,” considering that Salazar’s expressions were directed at the highest authorities of a country that “is free and sovereign since 1810, and is a friend of the United States.” In addition, he added, these sayings “do not under any circumstances contribute to a better understanding and greater rapprochement,” quite the opposite.

Regarding the senator’s accusation regarding the “Chinese factory in Neuquén,” Arguello referred to the CLTC-CONAE space monitoring station as having “exactly the same characteristics as the one that ESA operates in our country, less than 300 miles from there.” He also highlighted that he personally visited the place and that “Argentina also has a long tradition of scientific and technological development with regard to space observation, with its own skills acquired and developed, among other things, by the two stations of the Argentine Space Agency (CONAE) in our territory”.

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About China’s presence in Latin America, the United States has shown great concern, not only Senator Salazar but also senior intelligence officials of the country and the government as such. But Argüello was forthright about the American statements: about the supposed factory, he said it was “a mere absurdity that never existed”, while about the factory in China he said that “the location of all the facilities was determined by its geographical position as well as by virtue of Argentine capabilities” and that he would send to Salazar’s office provides more information about the CLTC-CONAE station, as well as any additional information you require.

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