Shadow, a silver fox who shocked a British town

Photo of Shadow the fox causing a stir in Barry, Wales (Facebook Black Foxes UK)

a Rare fox with black fur and gray stripes who wandered the streets of the district welsh He was rescued after carrying out a two-week mission. Shadow, as the organization called it Black foxes in the UKin it United kingdomis two years old, and has been seen since the beginning of April by many townspeople Barry.

Shadow’s condition was of great importance to the organization, as a fox of his kind was rare in this very close field Cardiff; After the first reports, members of Black Foxes UK decided to implement a plan to rescue him.

In a statement it published on its official page, the association in support of these wild animals explained that many residents of the community Barry They have been contacted to take Shadow away.

“It was seen several times at different times of the day. It is suspected that it is a pet that escaped from its owner,” the organization explained in a post on its Facebook page. Facebook.

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Townspeople have seen this fox walking the streets on several occasions (Facebook Black Foxes UK)

Black foxes in the UK Explain that mammals are A North American red fox, also known as the “silver fox,” is a species that arrived in this part of the world at the beginning of the 20th century for the fur trade. The last farm for these animals closed its doors in 1982, long before a law was enacted in the area banning the activity.

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We have received hundreds of calls and messages, and attempts to locate the owner have been unsuccessful. Due to scarcity of resources, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals They were limited in their ability to help,” the organization explained about the difficulties they had in capturing Shadow.

After several failed attempts by the General Assembly, black foxes Developing a plan can help capture the sample. he Mammals are captured Evaluating him on Monday, the specialists deemed him to be a fully social animal and to be in good health.

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According to Jeeran BarryThe fox injured one of his legs after a team review Black foxes in the UK It was found that the animal had not suffered any blow or any kind of cut on its body.

“Shadow is very trusting of people and was obviously well socialized before he ran away,” explained the British Federation about the furry creature, which was flown in with the company. Interactive animals.

After two weeks of searching, the fox was finally caught by black foxes (Facebook Black Foxes UK)

organization, which has several locations in United kingdomseeks through this network to preserve this type, which is considered the black version of European red foxwhich in some regions is considered a mythical creature.

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According to the association, this species has recessive traits, which means finding any in the wild is itself a rare event. In recent years, there appears to be a resurgence of mechanistic traits in the North American fox population United kingdom As a result, sightings of unusual foxes have increased.” Black foxes in the UK.

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And the British Association explained that these specimens are also considered exotic pets, so it is important to follow up on these types of cases, because they are animals that need special care.

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