Students of the Educational Center participated in the Arts, Science and Technology exhibition

The 801 Supplementary Education Center participated in the aforementioned exhibition, with an exhibition on 40 years of democracy in our country, after the last coup in 1976.

Students discuss what they have worked on so far, the different forms of government in the world: monarchy, aristocracy and democracy, as pure or complete forms. and impure or corrupt forms: tyranny, oligarchy, and demagoguery.

His research focuses on democracy as a form of government where the people exercise sovereignty through voting and choosing their representatives.

The values ​​represented by democracy itself And it is not only practiced on the day we vote, democracy is present in our daily lives, in our family, at school and in society.

Aside from investigating the aforementioned topic, the students had the opportunity to visit former teacher Hebe Luna and former mayor Juan Carlos Moratti, who recounted their experiences during the military dictatorship and return to democracy in 1983.

After all this, the students were able to come to the conclusion that democracy is the best system for peacefully resolving various situations that the country is going through.

On the other hand, the students learned that at that time Quino’s comic, known as Mafalda, became important. During the dictatorship, the author of the aforementioned tape had to go into self-exile in Italy, for his own safety.

There they chose as the final production for this project that does not end here, but will continue to run throughout the year, a story by Quino, which expresses a return to democracy in 1983.

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However, a mural will be done at the end of the year, along with the plastics area, in charge of Professor Logan Moreira.

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As soon as the Arts, Science and Technology Exhibition concluded, the students of the Center for Complementary Education who lived the day to the full, showed their happiness with gestures and words.

In this last way Valentine’s Day He said it “was an absolutely amazing feeling. I really loved being on the show and being the hero of this beautiful experience that served us adults and children alike”. When asked if he would return to the show in an upcoming issue, he said without hesitation, “Yes, I would love to.”

while NaomiHe said he lived his experience “very well, because we can talk to the visitors and give them Mafalda material, used in our work, and at the same time talk to them about 40 years of democracy” and he kept imagining going back to the exhibition saying “I’ll introduce myself again, because it’s so nice and interesting Extremely”.

Bertha He asserted: “I really liked it because they taught me and I taught. I learned a lot and I wish I could have taught something to those who visited us and asked about the subject we were presenting”, and like his colleagues at the end he affirmed “I would love to come back”.

Hannawho is recovering at this time from a health problem, through a short audio clip she said that she was “very happy with what she went through. In the exhibition there were many new things for us, which we did not know, we did not know and it all helps me as an experience “and she was optimistic Very comeback: “Yeah!!, I’m going to love it,” she said.

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On the other hand, the Teacher Maria del Valle Gonistressing that “this is not the first time we have participated in the exhibition. We always encourage children to participate in different topics.”

In this version “it was a very good experience – sure – because the boys and girls were able to reveal and convey, not only to the jury but to the different people who attended the platform, what they had worked on in the classroom”.

Adding later that “it was a very enriching experience for them. They were happy to participate and the recognition they got from the residents.” Stressing that “this fills the teacher with pride and excites him.”

Conclusion: “It is also worth noting the accompanying families in the exhibition to support their children, in that moment,” which is undoubtedly a great motivation for them to do their best to express what they have learned.

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