Construction progress of another health center in the city

The municipality continues progress in building a primary health care center, in the Gronbein neighborhood (included in the Harding Green Villa delegation), with an approximate investment of 16 million pesos.

Mayor Hector Gaye visited the building last week, which is 15-20% completed, and has an approximate area of ​​230 square meters.

The community leader said, “This work is in line with the idea of ​​reaching primary care health units in different neighborhoods of the city to decompress hospitals.”

Gaye noted that in his first administration three similar care centers were opened (referring to those in San Dionisio, the Northern Commission, and the 9th district of November).

“They gave us very good results. And we have another very advanced one, in a joint effort with the NGO Dharma, which will cover the residents of Loma Paraguay and Villa Delfina.”

He added: “This will be the fifth center that we have built, through which we intend to fulfill a great demand, as the Grunbein Health Unit cannot provide due to the growth that this sector of the city has shown. We must not forget that a federal plan that includes 640 houses has been built in that area, and we have gradually handed them over, leaving only 40 homes. “

Talk to Under Secretary of Comprehensive Health Care, Ezequiel Goulard the new. She explained that the specializations that will be attended in the place will be primary, and there will be specialists in pediatrics, general medicine, psychologists, social workers, gynecology, nursing, dentistry, and others.

“These spaces are specially designed for healthcare and designed to contain community and family activities,” the official explained.

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In turn, he explained that the sphere of influence in which the center will be located (Los Tamariskos and Pagoria) is now served by the health units on October 12th or Villa Gloria.

“We want the space to be comfortable for both the professionals and those who will be served there, who will no longer have to travel long distances,” he added.

Infrastructure Secretary Alejandro Menises said it is a much-needed business by society, in a sector that has grown a lot in recent years.

“The work started in February and it is estimated that it will be completed between November and December of this year if everything goes through a certain normal condition,” Meneses said.

For his part, Health Minister Pablo Acrogliano added that the intention is to work in an extended shift, morning and evening.

“It will allow work to prevent, control and care for chronic patients, with the aim of relieving pressure on the demand for hospital care,” he said.

In this specific case, the project also foresees the creation of entrances, an administrative office, handling and waiting areas and bathrooms, and spaces will be allocated for the storage of medicine and disease-causing waste.

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