Spotify announced that it will enable real-time transcription of podcasts

Music streaming platform Spotify Announce new accessibility features, including automatic real-time transcription of podcast to text.

New Spotify Scripts It will automatically generate a transcript while the user is listening to the podcast program, With or without sound, and it will allow you to scroll through and tap text to directly access a specific piece of content.

The new podcast copy feature is currently in beta and It will start accessing some original and exclusive shows on the platform in the coming weeks, As the company announced in a statement, although the platform is intended to expand to include all podcasts.

The audio script will allow users to scroll through the text and click to jump to specific parts of the episode.

Spotify has also been previewed Other access features Which seeks to improve the experience of persons with disabilities, such as changes in the color, format, and size of the buttons, so that they are easier to see for people with vision problems.

In addition, the app will allow users to expand text size and improve navigation thanks to the introduction of a new design framework, Dynamic Type, which includes settings that can be modified from the configuration panel within Spotify.

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