An Italian town fell into a lake seven decades ago and is making a comeback now

70 years ago Italian town from Coron Submerged under an artificial lake. Drained by authorities for amazing maintenance ghost town It was revealed from below with the splendor of other times. Although bringing it back to life is not in the government’s plans, the place is filled with tourists and onlookers.

So far, only the Romanesque bell tower Emerging from the alpine lake It was the only thing left of it CoronThe mountain town that knew how to add local color to the Val Venusta Valley, in the Trentino-Alto Adige region /South Tyrol, On Italy.

Local Folklore Coron It inspired the eponymous Netflix series, a copy of darkBut without it Philosophical Journey That enriches the successful German series

Coron 20210519

In 1950, to strengthen Hydropower development In the region, the Italian authorities decided Join two lakes Come on and builds great dam. To achieve this, they had to “connect” both the surface of the lake to a third artificial lake, namely Lake Resia.

Small details: File Resia Will cover Coron. Despite the protests 160 families even came to the Vatican, And the city is Dropped The only testimony to its ancient existence was Bell tower of the fourteenth centuryBadge Coron That gave life to A monolithic horror series that premieres on Netflix Last year, a redacted version of dark, Peppered with cheap, but barren teen horror Friedrich Nietzsche, Albert Einstein and Gottfried Leibniz, Brevity.

Coron 20210519

Coron 20210519

When water reached their shoes, a handful of families, in 1950, turned down the new financial lands that were offered to them and rebuilt their lives around town. Covered with water.

This story gave a local, curious color to Tyrolean Village. It didn’t take long Stories of lost creatures and souls Emerging from Lago. Even a legend The bells rang in the middle of the nightAlthough they are no longer there. like this Black Folklore Be guardians Coron They completed the water tourism that fed them in the summer, while the snowshoe excursions and mountain skiing converted into winter shows.

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Coron 20210519

Coron 20210519

Between Italy and Germany

Curón belongs to Italy, but its location on the border with Austria and Switzerland has given it a strange profile broadcast by Italian writer Marco Balzano, in his award-winning novel, I Will Stay Here (2019).

The narrative plot of this supposedly realistic realistic fiction was set specifically in Curon, between the two World Wars, and tells of the departure of the distinguished villagers: Politically they belong to Italy, but feel they are GermansThey dress like that, and of course most of them speak German. Balzano reveals that Hitler became a kind of superhero among the locals, who wanted the dictator to save them from The Fascism of Benito Mussolini, Nothing happened anyway.

Coron 20210519
The original interwar people spoke German and had their hearts as well Closer to Adolf Hitler That Benito Mussolini

News of Coron’s resurrection spread quickly when a local woman posted photos rubble He tweeted: “It feels strange to walk on the rubble of houses.”

Other nearby cities (Arlung, Piz, Gorf, and Stockerhöfe) were also flooded in the 1950s and further add to the myth of this. Atlantis bilateral national postal line.

To personally share this experience, you must go to a nearby town Coron Venusta (Graun in Vinschgau, In German), where you can easily access the rest of Coron.

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