Speedrunner breaks the record in Super Mario Bros with bandages

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People who dedicate themselves to achieving world records by finishing a game in the shortest time tend to be liked by all that house. However, the next sprinter has accomplished something new level. Not only did he break the record for Super Mario Bros, I did it Blindfolded.

This is sprinter Crescendo, who uploaded a video showing how he set the record by stopping the timer at 11:55. The previous record was held by speedrunner dodai, who set a time of 14 minutes 46 seconds in 2016.

Let’s see the sequence:

As we can see, to achieve such a major feat, a step up must accurately calculate the seconds needed to run a sufficient distance before making a perfect series of jumps. use the Fireballs as a device echolocation They are able to detect their surroundings by the noise they make when they hit a wall. He even appears to be breaking bricks to find out his location.

As shown in the video description:

I started planning for this race on May 29th and started doing full attempts for the match on June 19th. I played in one-hour sessions once or twice a day. In total, it was about 40 hours of attempts. Also, my skills as a musician were an important point as well.

on the subreddit r/speedrunUsers praised Crescendo for the achievement, noting that SMB1 is a particularly challenging Mario game to play blindfolded. One user noted that “SMB1 has time limits, pretty unforgiving gameplay, and basically no soundtracks to reference to help with navigation other than hitting a block or enemy.”

Incidentally, Speedrunner commented that he will be uploading tutorials to explain how he set the record and the strategies he designed for weeks.[[[[note book]

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