Spain is under water: heavy floods due to heavy rains in several areas of the country

Madrid.- high rain A large part of Spanish territory was affected this weekend, including the Balearic Islands, causing… Street closures, floods and calls to stay at home.

Horrific images of torrential rains showed flooded highways, strong winds, and vehicles covered in water as a result of the torrential rains. Rescue services in several cities in the country, such as Castellon and Catalonia, were forced to do this Helping many people who were affected while traveling through the storm.

Heavy rains are due “DANA” (short for high-level isolated depression), The phenomenon causes “continuous and widespread rainfall, locally strong or very strong and accompanied by storms, in almost all parts of the region except the Canary Islands,” the government meteorological agency (Emet) said.

The Ministry of Interior, which issued an alert for most parts of the country, warned of heavy rain More than 120 liters within 24 hours, and locally within 12 hours.

The authority expected heavy rains to continue until Monday.

A person walks through a pedestrian area during heavy rain in Pamplona, ​​northern Spain, Saturday, September 2, 2023.Alvaro Barrientos – A.B

The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) requested. Take extreme precautions on the streets and highways and ask to stay at home. Renfei, the country’s main rail transport company, indicated that the rainfall caused the cancellation of some train lines.

In Madrid, a loud whistle sounded for the first time on citizens’ mobile phones. An alert with a message urging residents not to use their cars and to stay home. Other cities in the country have issued similar recommendations.

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Madrid Mayor José Luis Martínez Almeida asked residents to avoid going out into the streets so that emergency crews could move more quickly during what he said was expected to become… “An exceptional and abnormal situation in terms of rainfall.”

Due to the red alert issued by AEMET, we ask Madrid residents to exercise extreme caution and limit travel as much as possible due to the storms expected today.“The mayor wrote on his social networks.

Almeida said Madrid’s 1972 rainfall record of 87 liters per square meter would likely be surpassed.

Spanish Football League Atletico Madrid’s home match against Sevilla has been postponed After considering the warnings of the Meteorological Service and the recommendation of the Municipal Government of Madrid.

In Alcanar, between Barcelona and Valencia (east), residents were isolated due to heavy rains and rescue services advised “Residents go up to the upper floors.”

The authorities announced exceptional rains throughout the coming days throughout the countryAlvaro Barrientos – A.B

In Toledo, Mayor Carlos Velasquez warned against this The situation in the city is “complex” and he asked residents to be “extremely cautious.”

The heavy rain forecast comes after Spain recorded an intense heatwave and persistently high temperatures in August.

AP and AFP agencies


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