It’s not Brian. A study reveals the most beautiful name in the world

Although Carmen, Jose, Maria, Gladys, and Luis seem to be the most favorite names among Puerto Ricans, they are not even close to being the most beautiful in the world. A recent study applied in United kingdom And United State Revealed the most “attractive” surnames.

Researcher from University of Birmingham He revealed the most attractive name in the world, explaining that the list was based on the most commonly used. In conclusion, acoustic factors influenced which ones cause the most dazzle to the human ear.

We’ve evaluated many of the world’s most popular baby names to rank them. The names that ranked highest elicited the most positive emotions when spoken out loud, and thus were likely to sound nicer to the human ear.“, Researcher Winter confirmed.

The final result showed that Sophia or Sophia were the most attractive names, in response to their melodic sound and the meaning of the Greek origin, which is wisdom. Along with other names Zoe, Everly, Sophie, Ivy and Riley. In the case of men, Zayn is the cutest in England and Matthew in the United States, the latter meaning a gift from God.

The two countries share the result of the remaining four, namely “Julian”, “William”, “Isaiah” and “Leo”, many of which employ members of the British royal family.

To reach this result, Baby Center’s database of the most famous names in the world was used, which included a total of 400 names, and then 50 of them were selected with the help of the audio program.toPhonetics“.

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