Daryl Dixon takes aim at the spirit of the OG Walking Dead

Your mother the walking Dead He’s been on the air for 11 years, which might as well be the case Pretty long, depending on your point of view. while French Don’t plan to slow down anytime soon, one of Great derivatives It is focused on Daryl Dixon by Norman Reedus. With the fan favorite goalkeeper taking center stage Franchise Collaborator Greg Nicotero sees The new show is a good opportunity to return to the glory days of the Mothership series.

In a recent interview with ribbedNicotero argued Darryl What was it like to produce it?Start over and do something [original Muertos vivientes showrunner] Frank Darabont and “I did that in Season 1.” The goal of the first episode is to replicate the pilot of the original series and keep things simplerApproaching. That episode was pretty much “Days Gone Bye.” A special experience that focused on Grimes waking up from a coma during a zombie apocalypse. Darryl The pilot is said to emulate the simplistic approach of that episode, much like the main character. Wander around Paris, including the Eiffel Tower and the city’s catacombs. For him, it was important to be Darryl Go back to the DNA of what made the original first seasons the walking Dead Very good: Keep stories individual and focused.

Daryl Dixon See the title character Finished in France And He tries to return to the United States. During his travels, He will cross Trails with other survivorsWhich Nicotero compared to the ancient The structure is incredible TV series:You meet the person and over the course of the episode you meet people and then…“They’re leaving,” he explained.. ““People changed because of her, and he changed because of her.” Then he added that he was destined to build in it Darryl’s growth as co-director during The original series is where it became “Robin Batman [de Rick]“And it gives the character a purpose as a wandering hero.

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“Daryl feels there is more to do; [y él] “He knows there are other people in the world who need him,” Nicotero continued. “Daryl has a really big heart and would do anything for people, even if he started for the wrong reasons. He can’t help himself.” […] “We’re back to those kinds of building blocks.”

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon It will premiere on AMC next Sunday, September 10.

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