Spain: Figo calls Sanchez to a meeting that does not generate expectations | The leader of the People’s Party wants to talk about the inauguration debate

Leader of the People’s Party (PP), Alberto Nunez Figoannounced it He will contact his rival and Spanish Prime Minister Pedro SanchezTo hold a meeting and talk about his inaugural debate on Sept. 26. The Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party expressed its willingness to hold the meeting, although it stipulated that the Popular Party apologized for the “insults” and what it considered disrespectful “ongoing” during the last legislative session and the election campaign.

Round and round

“We believe that the two major parties have a responsibility that is also complementary to the responsibility of the rest of the political formations that tend to converge,” he added. The pursuit of stability and rule of the countryA spokesman for the Electoral Commission of the People’s Party explained from Madrid, Borja semper. With this invitation, Figo will begin the round of contacts he will maintain with all parties with representation in Congress, with the exception of the Basque independents from Bildue, who have been excluded because the People’s Party considers that they still believe “the killing had an effect”. political justification.”

Spokesperson for Socialism Pilar AlegriaHe asked the People’s Party to rectify the “persistent” calls for apostasy among the socialists. “The Socialist Workers Party deserves respect, our voters deserve respect, and therefore, above all, we apologize for that We lived through a legislative body in which the Socialist Party was delegitimized and humiliated said Alegría, who said his party has always proven to be an “educated party with the capacity for dialogue and consensus”.

They indicated from the ranks of the Socialists that Sanchez would attend the meeting with FigoAlthough they initially warned that the Executive Committee should be called to make a decision. According to sources PSOEWhile Figo remained “holed out in the noble floor of the Genoese headquarters”, he would send third parties to meetings with the various political groups.

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“He intends to be installed, in addition to being fake, through intermediaries.”, reads an article on socialism compiled by the European News Agency. The Socialists reject this position as a “revealing” point of “candidate Figo’s inability to be head of government of Spain”.

next to AddPartner in PSOE Government, Figo was accused on Monday of having “no principles and no words” after opening a dialogue with Junts por Catalunya (JxC).implying that “the only thing that matters” is “access to power”. In statements to the media, Sumar’s spokesman, Ernst Ortason, said Figo was playing the “worst game” because “It now appears that he wants to talk” to the Catalan separatists after distorting the dialogue The coalition government implemented it during the last legislative session “during the entire electoral campaign”.

Sumar’s spokesman confirmed that “the only thing that interests him is access to power at any cost,” highlighting the “great confusion” within the People’s Party over these talks. This situation shows, for Ortason, that Figo’s leadership within the PP is “increasingly weaker” and that it is “coming out” despite his “attempts” to transfer his “problems to Spanish society” through his attempt to invest.

The numbers do not close

Feijóo was appointed as a candidate for the post last Tuesday by Spain’s King Felipe VI, as he was the force with the most votes in July’s elections. but The leader of the People’s Party must obtain an absolute majority, 176 out of 350 deputies, to be invested in the first vote. The People’s Party has 137 seats plus 33 for the far-right Vox and two regional parties, the Pueblo Navarro Union and the Canaria Coalition, which have announced their support, bringing its number of seats to 172, four out of a long-awaited majority.

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If the necessary votes are not obtained on that first attempt, a second vote will take place 48 hours later, in which the candidate will need only a simple majority to be appointed president. And if Figo does not get the election by a simple majority as well, there may be other subsequent votes, which would open the door for the acting head of the Spanish government, Pedro Sanchez, to present himself later for the position.

Sanchez says he has more support from conservatives Since he assumed the presidency of Congress last week With the voices of socialismAnd Sumar’s coalition and the Catalan, Basque and Galician pro-independence and nationalist forcesUntil it reached 178 seats. However, some of these groups cautioned that it is not guaranteed that they will maintain their support for Sanchez’s investment. If, two months after the first vote, there is no elected head of government, new elections will be automatically called in Spain.

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