Scandal in Uruguay: Arrest of Luis Lacalle Poe Reservation Chief | He is being investigated for falsifying documents.

The Chief of Staff of the President of Uruguay, Louis Lacalle Boshe was I stopped By the police at the request of the prosecutor accused of falsifying documents to issue Russian passports. Uruguay’s president said he was ‘as surprised as you’ He confirmed that he did not know the reasons for the arrest.

“If you are surprised by the news, imagine who is talking, for the past five days I have been out with my children and with the person who was arrested yesterday,” the president said, referring to Alexander Estesiano, who accompanied him on vacation that the president took last week.

On his return to his official residence last night, the Director of Intelligence, Lacalli Pou, informed the arrest warrant issued by the Public Prosecutor and the security man was arrested immediately.

The president said he had “since that moment been held incommunicado” and confirmed that he had no further details. “I didn’t even ask, because I shouldn’tAnd he didn’t even tell the director of intelligence because because of his independence he had to fulfill the mandate he had.”

Lacalle Pou’s chief security man is accused of being some kind of manager for a document forgery gang
to issue Russian passports to their holders to obtain Uruguayan citizenship, according to local press reports.

According to the procedure, Russian-born grandchildren have access to documents of people who have already died Accordingly, Uruguayan passports were forged”, as detailed by Uruguayan media, Country. and specify that “So far, 20 cases of Russian citizens identified with Uruguayan passports have been detected..

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In addition, Estesiano has more than 20 inquiries for various crimes between April 2002 and May 2012, including theft, embezzlement, fraud and damages, according to the court filing. But Lacalle Bo stressed that he “has no criminal recordWhen asked if he would continue in his position, he replied: “Everyone is innocent until proven otherwise.”

“No arrest warrant was released without cause, I imagine the prosecutor has indications, I don’t know what the involvement is, I don’t know. We’ll see in the next few hours what the prosecutor’s basic opinion is. It’s clear which – which One will take action accordingly“, he added.

Likewise, the Head of State stated that Artesiano’s situation will not affect the rest of his security team and will not trigger a background check. Since “I have always believed that the rule is good intentions and good conduct. The exception is bad faith and bad conduct, if proven in this case.”

Lacalle Beau said he met Estesiano during an election campaign in 1999who later worked on campaigns for his father, former president Luis Alberto Lacalle, and for his own team in 2004, 2009 and 2014. He has been chief of guard since 2019.

He said, before making it clear that he doesn’t want to prejudge and that he feels bad about the situation. “My mood is clearly not the best.” claimed.

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