Rodolfo Hernandez, the anti-corruption populist who flies on social networks and can take part in the polls in Colombia

Bogota.- Get on ´Rodolfoneta´ before the bus leaves! filter Rodolfo Hernandez Not only has he jumped in the social media car at full speed despite his 77 yearsalso ascended The first round of the Colombian presidential elections Determined to star in a historic surprise.

when approx Everything points to a battle between right/left, just as in 2018, the standard-bearer of the anti-corruption league is adding support dailyAccording to all surveys, driven by the collapse of the middle Sergio Fajardo And last minute support Ingrid BetancourtWho asked the head of the Esperanza Center to join the engineer’s campaign. Talks between Fajardo and Hernandez did not bear fruit, despite the fact that there was a clear rapprochement.

A private security worker gives directions to a woman in front of a mural depicting Colombian independent candidate Rodolfo Hernandez, known as “Colombian Trump,” in Bogota, on May 23, 2022.Yuri Cortez – Agence France-Presse

“Hours, dad, hours!”ironed out “Old man TikTok”as they affectionately call it, a very special version of an adaptation made by rapper Anarchia to the song Saoko by Spanish Rosalía.

Up until that point, it was the audacity of Engineer Hernandez, the populist outsider who was best known as Bucaramanga’s mayor’s office chief for slapping a member of an opposition opposition council. And that is exactly, His supposedly strong hand against corruption, which has delighted Colombians who want change but distrust Gustavo Petro’s revolutionary past.

So much so that in the last hours The historic charter candidate has fired himself with everything against this successful construction entrepreneurwhich proposes a new social contract with Colombia in which budgets currently lost in the pockets of politicians or in the bureaucracy are redistributed.

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Even a millionaire who says he fights corruption is a millionaire because he is corrupt. Let us understand it well: even those who say they are not Uribistas are Uribistas, drink whiskey and treat their children,” Petro shot the engineer at his last rally in Bogota.

A file photo released by the press office of Ingrid Betancourt shows former Colombian presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt with independent presidential candidate Rodolfo Hernandez, in Barranquilla, Colombia, on May 20, 2022.
A file photo released by the press office of Ingrid Betancourt shows former Colombian presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt with independent presidential candidate Rodolfo Hernandez, in Barranquilla, Colombia, on May 20, 2022.– – Ingrid Betancourt’s press office

Hernandez replied (“After searching for me for an alliance, Petro started attacking me when the polls showed I was the only one who could defeat him in the second round. See where the copper flakes are. I’m not using them for you anymore, Dr. Petro?”) What is his electoral evidence, a combination Of ingenuity and deception of an antichrist. Hernandez surprises with his way of expressing himself, openly and without giving too many turns, something that is described in much of conservative Colombian society as “rude”.

“I’m not hot, I don’t scold anyone. I’m not pissed (angry), I talk like that. My character is that I won’t change itToday, Hernandez responded to the interviewer he interviewed on Blu Radio, frightening ahead of his momentum.

Undoubtedly the same characteristics that accompanied him in a campaign without major events and pressure on live communications on Facebook and social networks to the maximum, which led him to contest the vote by vote against the powerful right-wing mechanism. Vico GutierrezSupported by the government, Uribismo and traditional parties.

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for Petro campaign, Hernandez is the “tropical” version of Donald Trump. The engineer showed his disapproval in one of his most viewed videos: “It’s not a wig (touching his head), Trump is wearing a wig. I have nothing to do with this guy’s thoughts. The corrupt are afraid. Colombians, no“.

Hernandez’s return is also surprising because The former mayor did not want to participate in the March primaries, the same ones that strengthened Petro and Fico, the same ones that in 2018 gave an advantage to Iván Duque and the former fighter himself. Four years ago, Fajardo lamented that he did not participate in this first round because in his return in the first round, he had less than a few thousand votes, which he would surely have won had he entered the first competition.

For Hernandez also adds a Business success storyIn 2004, her daughter Juliana was kidnapped. guerrilla The National Liberation Army (ELN), a close ally of Nicolas Maduro, “bought” the young woman who was initially kidnapped by common criminals. Hernandez initially refused to pay the ransom and they never heard back from Juliana, despite the mediation of former President Juan Manuel Santos during peace talks. “She was executed for refusing not to take money to pay the armed group.”The candidate pointed out during one of the current campaign discussions.

Hernandez, in the eyes of important sectors of the citizenry, epitomizes the weariness of corruption and the weariness of traditional politicians. Rodolfo was consistent in his rejection of any alliance. He only talks about corruption and nothing else. In fact, he does not even have objective proposals to implement his anti-corruption rhetoricAnalyst Rafael Nieto highlights.

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Corruption charges also knocked on the door of his house and will be tried in July. The prosecutor blames him Inappropriate employment in garbage collection in Bucaramangaalthough Hernandez defends himself by asserting that he was just trying to avoid the same bureaucracy he frequently criticizes.

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