She ended her relationship with a boy from the United States for an unusual comment: “It’s all because I’m Latina”

a A date between a Mexican woman and an American man It ended with a discussion, as well as sparking a discussion on social networks. The story goes back to the time when Moe Paláu was in the North American country and started an affair with someone. What she never expected was receiving a comment from him that made her angry and also caused everything to end immediately.

“Is it only with Mexican women or with Latinas in general,” was the phrase the young woman used to tell her story through TikTok (@Moypalau). What happened to him raised some doubts about whether this boy’s attitude was normal and whether all Americans are the same when dating foreigners.

While they were still dating, he opened up and made a controversial comment: “This (their relationship) was very nice, but I’ll be direct, If you are hoping to get a green card through meI’m not your manThe young woman was very attacked because, according to her words, she was clearly not looking for the doc, but as in any other relationship she was having a good time.

A young woman ended her relationship with an American because of an unexpected comment

Immediately, Get away from this person and move on with your life. Although she had confirmed before that in fact if she had this goal, it wouldn’t be with someone from the United States. “I need someone to tell strangers that there are already more countries. Brother: If I wanted another nationality, I would go out with a Swiss,” Tiktoker said.

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What attracted the most attention on social networks was not the anecdote told by Moe Paláu, but rather that some of the users, all men, They made comments that infuriated her even more. Her sole purpose was to publish what she experienced to the public and also get answers to questions about whether it was normal behavior for Americans, but the opinions she received puzzled her.

Most of those who were present in your message They agreed with the man she was dating And they did not hesitate to tell him: ‘It’s good that his brothers have fixed it, that’s how easy it is to dismiss it,’ ‘It was legendary (what the man said to the Mexican woman),’ ‘but he must have thought you never saw him again because you I wanted his green card,” were some of the comments.

A green card can be obtained through spouses and Americans think this will be his fateunplash

Although the most tense moment in this entire story was when someone hinted that she had asked for it: “Can you imagine how you would have to treat him to make him think you were taking advantage of him?One user said. But Mo defended herself, arguing that wasn’t the case: “Can you imagine their social structure assuming I want a green card because I’m Latina?” She replied sarcastically.

Although it all ended with a final sentence from the same person, who continued his position that the American’s comment was correct: “Of course. Absolutely nothing is your responsibility or your dynamic. Everything is always someone else’s fault. How comfortable it is to live like this”, They fired it.

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