Joe Biden says adoption of his infrastructure plan is “tremendous progress”

Joe Biden (Reuters / Jonathan Ernst)

President of the United States, Joe BidenAnd On Saturday, it welcomed the adoption of its giant infrastructure investment plan, considering thattremendous progressIt was achieved after months of complex negotiations.

He stated that this law will be issued “soon” in the amount of $1.2 trillion.which had the final endorsement of the US Congress on Friday night, with the support of the vast majority of Democrats but also a handful of Republicans.

To all those who feel abandoned and marginalized by the rapidly changing economy: This law is for you‘, reassured the Democratic president; they said that the jobs to be created from this standard “They don’t need a college degree“.

He also pledged to get Congress to vote on his plan for social and environmental reforms, which are still hampered by internal divisions in the Democratic field.

I will be clear: We will pass it in the House of Representatives and we will pass it in the Senate‘, he claimed; and estimated that the $1.7 trillion “Build Back Better” bill would be a “historic investment.”

Asked why he was so optimistic, Biden replied with a smile: “I am.”

Joe Biden gives his impressions after the congressional vote (Reuters / Jonathan Ernst)
Joe Biden gives his impressions after the congressional vote (Reuters / Jonathan Ernst)

The United States House of Representatives approved Friday night the $1.2 trillion infrastructure plan Biden promoted it, after a sensational day in the legislature of struggles within the Democratic Party.

The plan, passed by the Senate in August and stuck in the House for months, It was approved by 228 votes to 206, so it now only requires Biden’s signature.

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Although the Democrats have a majority in the House, Six members of Congress, the most progressive, opposed the textThis required the support of 13 Republicans.

The dispute between Democrats stems from the struggle between the two parties to agree on its priorities.

Progressives demanded that this infrastructure bill be voted on alongside Biden’s social agenda, a $1.75 trillion package after several cuts, something the president himself committed to, but centrists refused.

This pulse continued for months, with continued pressure from the Democratic leadership, the White House and Biden himself on both sectors to agree to his agenda.

Some analysts pointed to this chaos as one of the reasons for the electoral collapse of the Democratic Party in last Tuesday’s elections.Where they lost Virginia.

A view of the Capitol Building, the seat of the US Congress, in Washington (EFE/Samuel Corum/File)
A view of the Capitol Building, the seat of the US Congress, in Washington (EFE/Samuel Corum/File)

All these pressures made the progressive wing He surrendered on Friday and agreed to approve the infrastructure plan Only with the commitment of the centrists who will support the social plan in the coming weeks.

Already in the early hours of Saturday, Democrats smoothly passed a procedural vote to start the debate on the social plan.

In a statement, Biden himself urged “all members” of the House of Representatives Democrats to approve the two bills “tonight.”

The recently approved $1.2 trillion plan, which requires only about $550 billion in new spending, Much less than the initial package Biden presented last March for $2.25 trillion.

The package includes more than $110,000 million to repair roads, bridges and highways and $66 billion to promote passenger and freight trains..

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This latest investment represents the largest injection of money into the country’s rail network in half a century.

The bill also allocates $55 billion to address water supply problems, such as replacing all lead tubes, and He envisions 65,000 million dollars to modernize the electrical network.

It also allocates billions of dollars to rehabilitate trenches, repair ports and airports, and expand access to broadband.

The legislative text also draws attention to Fighting the climate crisis and dedicate $7.5 billion To create a network of electric car charging stations in the United States, which is one of Biden’s priorities.

It contributes $47,000 million to this division to respond to fires, droughts, coastal erosion, and heat waves, among others.

In total, this is the largest public works investment in the United States in years.

(with information from the AFP and EFE)

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