She discovered that she had a strange spot in her eye, and what she found under her eyelid paralyzed her

A woman living in Liverpool, UK had an unusual moment and soon her story went viral. One day I wake up with him Feeling of discomfort in the eye And in front of the mirror he saw that he had a spot. In just one day she swelled up so much that’s why he went to the hospital. Once they arrived, they prescribed antibiotics and because he was not satisfied, he called for help. He was a neighbor who, through a series of advice, discovered the true and unprecedented cause of his pain.

Louise Edwards, 32, woke up on the morning of July 22 to find that her right eye had a red spot. I thought it was just an insect bite. “I sleep with the windows open, so maybe something got in. It was like a pimple.” He explained in statements to the media throw – throw – throwfrom Liverpool.

Louise Edwards woke up with a strange spot in her eye.Liverpool Echo

During that day, the “spot” grew even larger and Edwards decided to go to St. Paul’s Hospital to make sure it wasn’t important. At the medical center “try to put pressure on him” and Antibiotics have been prescribedto me A British city-based newspaper reported Liverpool Echo.

“They sent me home, but The next day I couldn’t even see. My eyes were closed. In addition, I have very poor eyesight and the right eye is the best I see best.

Again, they prescribed antibiotics in the health center, although at that time the woman was not feeling well: “I felt pain in my eyes, in my teeth and in my head”.

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Looking at this, he asked for help from a neighbor, who suggested that he boil water in an attempt to squeeze the “spot” from the eyelid. “I felt pop And when I pressed it, something started to pop up. I yelled at my dad to come see him,” he recalls.

Louise Edwards wants to know exactly what got out of her eyes.
Louise Edwards wants to know exactly what got out of her eyes.Liverpool Echo

At that moment his relative approached him and found something that left him speechless. ‘It was some kind of legged parasite’detained.

At that moment, the woman returned to the hospital and told the nurses what had happened: “Someone laughed and told me that the parasite It looked like something out of a strange movie. I felt like I was in such a movie.”

In addition, try to find out the origin of what happened. “I was in Turkey about a month ago, but nothing happened in the following days,” he said. The young woman booked an appointment with her GP to find out more about what came out of her eyelid: “I took him to the College of Tropical Medicine, but they warned me of the need to refer you. I just want to know what it is and warn people.”

Social media users were shocked when they learned of her story. “It’s a great story for the series Weird thingsOne user warned. Others expressed their anger at doctors sending her home:I can’t believe they didn’t admit it if she’s in such pain, they should look into it.”

In addition, a woman reported that her granddaughter faced a similar situation: “She had a parasite circulating in her eye. She was very lucky, as she sought advice at the Eye Hospital. When they managed to save his eyesight, finally Had to undergo a transplant.

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