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Netflix has a plan to prevent account sharing. The main streaming platform on the planet will start this new business strategy from January 2023, so Netflix password sharing will never be the same. In fact, In some regions like the UK it can become illegal. But what will really happen? How will it affect you?

Why would they change Netflix engagement?

During the quarterly results announcement, the North American company brought the account share to the fore again. Netflix has made it clear on many occasions that it wants to end this common practice among subscribers. The streaming giant’s plan is for people to start paying to share your password. In this way, they can offset the drop in income that rocked him during this year.

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“We’ve found a deliberate approach to monetizing account sharing and will begin rolling it out more broadly starting in 2023,” Netflix said during the report recently sent to shareholders. Since last April, The company has experimented with this in several Latin American countries such as Chile or PeruWe will be introducing this new payment method to the rest of the world soon.

This is how the new Netflix will work: cost added and sub accounts

According to Netflix, Customers who share their accounts with family or friends – anyone outside their household – will have to pay extra money every month starting in January 2023. This payment system will be implemented gradually in the coming months. More specifically, Netflix will allow you to create sub accounts for people who are not staying at home. Each sub account will have login information, playlists, and content suggestions provided by the famous algorithm.

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Sharing the password on Netflix: an explanation of what will happen in 2023
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Therefore, Netflix will not prohibit sharing passwords with other people. His desire is to monitor the widespread practice among his clients and make a small profit from allowing something he previously allowed at no additional cost. If the American company follows the line of South American experience, Subscribers will have to pay an additional 3-4 dollars a month. A significant increase since it represents a quarter of the average subscription. The additional cost scheme in Europe is expected to be similar to that for Latin America.

Control when Netflix passwords are shared

But how will this share of added cost be controlled? it seems, Netflix will notify someone if you use your account outside your home. You will then receive an invitation to create a “Visitor” sub-account. The company will allow two weeks to contact the account holder who has shared their password with others outside the home.

Sharing the password on Netflix: an explanation of what will happen in 2023
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Control of shared accounts will be generated from Netflix geolocation. This will determine if the account is being used by someone outside the home. For now, the service only searches the websites of major TVs. We don’t yet know how it will work in the case of smartphones, computers, tablets or other mobile devices. So, It will give problems when watching Netflix while travelingBecause you will be away from home.

At the same time, Netflix has developed a feature called Profile Transfer. This feature will allow users to transfer their existing profile from a joint account to their own account. What the company wants is that those who currently share a Netflix account, Pay your own subscription and stop using this widespread practice. So the streaming giant is simplifying things and making it easier to transfer data to new accounts.

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