Japan will have its own version of Super Mario Bros. – The Movie

Super Mario Bros – The Movie It became an unprecedented success not only for Nintendo but also for Illumination and Universal Pictures. Not only does the animated film rank as the most successful video game in history, but at the time of this writing it is the highest-grossing film of 2023. Released in early April in major markets around the world, attention has been drawn that the film will not reach Japanese territory. until the end of this month. How is it possible that the movie of a character so deeply rooted in Japanese culture was released so late in your area? The answer was given by Shigeru Miyamoto himself in an interview with the Japanese media Nintendo Dream Web.

According to the interview, which was translated into English by VGC, Nintendo’s general manager admitted that the animated film had exceeded all expectations, allowing the company to take an interest in bringing other franchises to film and television. According to MiyamotoAlthough many foreign critics gave the film relatively low ratings, I think this also contributed to the film’s popularity and buzz.“.

The film’s producer also commented that while the film was being developed between the US and Japan, it was agreed that it would be the right thing to do to prepare an exclusive version for the eastern country. This version of the film will have a unique script, which will have slight differences from the Western version. According to Miyamoto, “What I often say is that just like in games, we should value stories that are ‘like real stories, even if they aren’t.’ They are completely fictional, but I think they almost feel real because there are some elements of reality in them. This is also true of For drama. When I see that the most important part, making it look like a ‘true story’, is done carelessly, I am disappointed.”

Japanese version of Super Mario Bros – The Movie It will be available in that region starting April 28th, and as shared by the film’s social networks, it can also be seen in select locations in the US.

Currently, it has not been confirmed that this release will be made in other regions nor what changes it will be compared to the Western release, but we hope that this will all be available when the production becomes available on DVD / Blu-ray.

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