Sergio Massa’s record as Minister of Economy: what note did he get

In a week where the Minister of Economy, serge massahe received support from the sectors of Lampura and criticism from Peronism for IFE 5tigress I decided to categorize his administration which is almost three months old He also talked about running for president in the future.

We have to reduce inflation little by little. “When we took over, we started with 7.5%, then in the first month it was 7%, then it was 6.2%,” Massa said of one of the main problems facing the Argentine economy during his visit to the Stop the Hand programme. whirlpool.

The minister who replaced Silvina Patakis was relaxed at an interview where his son, Thomas Massa, was also present. “I’m not a ten-year-old, because I’m still We have not finished understanding the problems that Argentina suffers from‘, she considered.

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On his recent trip to the United States, Massa emphasized that “It’s brave to negotiate with the IMF, it’s like going to the bank, paying off the card, sitting down and saying I have to pay you some other way’Compare, he asserts, “Plus, it’s a card…many times,” referring to Argentina’s credit history.

Massa: Memoir as Minister and Possible Presidential Future

“There are times when you have failed the exam, and you have something on hold,” the minister began talking about how he has evaluated his administration thus far, but concluded with a subtle remark: “I’m a student of 7”.

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Massa also did not escape talk about what will happen next year in the presidential elections, stressing that “There is family pressure because we do things that are less exposedThey asked not to continue in politics and here we are committed to looking at things from the outside,” also referring to the president of Issa and his wife Malina Galmarini.

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“I always see him tired, dark circles under his eyes, and he arrived tired. I’m 17 and always the same”reassured Toms, who, when asked about the possibility of his father running for president, looked at him steadfastly and was decisive with a “no.”

Massa was very close to his son, They are stuck at a crossroads due to their relationship with Claudie “Cheke” Tapia, the president of the Asian Football Confederation.Thomas posts against him on the networks, and confirmed: “I also want to take care of them, I try to help them finish solidifying their steps.”

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