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The UK Royal Mint introduced on Friday The first official doll of Carlos III as Kingin a set of commemorative coins honoring the life and legacy of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

This entity states that it has minted coins of the British monarchy for over 1,100 years, and that it has been the pride and privilege of minting all UK coins since the 70 years of Elizabeth II’s reign.

The portrait of Carlos III will appear on two coins: One for five pounds and the other for fifty pence.

On the new coins, where Carlos appears without a crown, there is a Latin inscription surrounding the image and it translates as “King Carlos III, praise be to God, defender of faith“.

Brochure image provided by the Royal Mint, revealing the official coin statue of King Charles III.
Photo: Tom Harrison Handout

The obverse of the commemorative £5 coin will contain two new portraits of Queen Elizabeth II, designed by artist John Bergdahl in collaboration with the Royal Mint.

The Royal Mint said: “It is a great honor to now mint the first British statue of His Majesty King Charles III in a coin collection honoring the life and legacy of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.”

An image from the Royal Mint showing the new portrait of King Charles III by British sculptor Martin Jennings. Photo: AFP

British sculptor Martin Jennings created a portrait of Carlos IIIwho has been making public sculptures in the UK for many years.

His portraits of great writers and poets, including John Bettmann, Philip Larkin, Charles Dickens, and George Orwell, are especially known and admired.

I was pleased to hear that the King loves the picture (on the coins). He was very interested and responded very positively. “It was a pleasure to be involved in this important process,” said the sculptor.

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To make the coin, the artist began his research by studying as many portraits of the king as possible. “You collect as many photographs of your subject as you can… (All these old photos are checked) and then Choose just one or two that will give you the perfect impression of the side of the head you want“, It is to explain.

Jennings molded the piece into plaster. The original design was then digitally scaled down so that the print was the correct size for a coin. To complement and convey the seriousness of this new image, the lettering font within the design was of paramount importance to him.

“What I wanted was an almost ingenious classic method Messages to emphasize strength in the picturecommented.

The same portrait of Charles III will be used on coins from one penny to two pounds sterling from the beginning of next year.

The Central Bank of Ecuador presented a commemorative coin on the occasion of the bicentenary of the Battle of Pichincha

You don’t need expensive coins to get started in the numismatic world, experts say

The Royal Seal of Carlos III will start to be used from Tuesday

Commemorative coins for the reign of Elizabeth II. Photo:

According to a tradition that goes back centuries, to the reign of Charles II, each king looks in an alternative direction to his predecessor. In this way, the image of Carlos III appears to the left, while the image of Isabel II appears looking to the right.

Coins bearing the images of the kings will be in circulation on October 3, 2022.

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All British coins bearing the statue of Elizabeth II will remain legal and in circulation’,” noted the Royal Mint, which determined that there are currently 27,000 million coins in the UK with the deceased king’s effigy, which will be exchanged as it deteriorates. (YO)

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