Science solves the question of the brown skin of almonds

Almonds are among the nuts whose consumption is more common, but when eating them, the question usually arises: Do you remove the brown skin that covers them, or do you eat them?

A study published in January in frontiers in nutrition What a history discussion It gives a hint of what to do.

Dr. David C. explained, “Almonds contain high amounts of protein, types of healthy fats, vitamin E, minerals, and fiber. The brown skin of almonds contains polyphenols that end up in the large intestine and help control inflammation and oxidative stress.” Niemann, lead author of the study.

Therefore, the skin can be eaten, and it will be beneficial to our health.

According to the aforementioned study, eating almonds daily can lead to a “metabolite change”: It reduces inflammation and oxidative stress from exercise, while allowing the body to recover faster from the exertion.

“Volunteers who ate 57 grams of almonds daily for a month reported feeling less fatigue and tension, more leg strength, and less muscle damage after intense exercise than those who ate cereal bars,” was another study conclusion. Refer to the broker mentioned above.

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