Scholars Against Repression in Jujuy | Argentine Science and Technology Association (CyTA)

The Argentine Science and Technology Group (CyTA) has condemned the “brutal repression of the people of Jujuy by the government of Gerardo Morales”. The group of scholars highlighted that these days it is possible to witness “beatings, raids, kidnappings in unknown cars, housebreakings, shootings in the faces and other atrocities typical of dictatorial regimes.”

In this sense, they affirmed through a statement that officials like Morales who “persistently ignore popular demands in defense of the constitutional right to social protest and the preservation of natural resources such as lithium, dream of a repressive scenario similar to the national level to guarantee the economic-political project of his coalition.”

In another section of the statement, the scholars demanded “to stop persecution and call for reflection on the political-economic model, which, if won, will apply the right that is characterized by low social and labor rights, low wages, an elaborate economy and fewer democratic freedoms.”

The text is signed by Hugo Aimar, Alberto Kornblit (photo), Dora Barrancos, Roberto Salvarezza, Fernando Vigel, Sandra Carli, Christina Carrillo, Eduardo Dvorkin, Ana Franchi, Andrea Jamarnik, Jorge Geffner, Rolando Gonzalez-José, Diego Hurtado, and Mirta Iriondo, Andrés Kreiner, Carolina Mera, Adrian Pinza, Juan Pablo Paz, Jose Baruelo, Felix Requejo, Marcelo Ruiz, Adriana Cerquez, Osvaldo Uchitel and Marcos Vera.

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