Ask FIFA for support against the Taliban

parliamentary Sunderland Centre It has been endorsed by 75 British MPs, as well as others from countries such as Australia, Italy and Portugal. This is for more than 100 companies asking Infantino and FIFA to support exiled Afghan footballers and this in turn ensures they can compete internationally.

As reported by the aforementioned British tabloid, Julie Elliott said that “the right to play football and the right to compete must be protected. FIFA must live up to its commitments to equality, and I believe FIFA should do more to help these women regain their place on the world stage.”

Football players from Afghanistan celebrate a goal. photo: Instagram (@khalida_popal_girlpower)

She added, “The support this letter has received from colleagues across the house and around the world shows the broad support for women in Afghanistan, both in exile and those still living in the country, for their right to live as they wish.” Member of Parliament for Sunderland Central.

For her part, Khaleda Popal said that they want “a permanent solution to this situation.” “We want FIFA to do more to get to know the team and help us organize a committee to help and preserve the talent that was prevalent in Afghanistan before our rights were taken away,” he said.

At the last of the vertices of the triangle is FIFA. Football’s highest international body has so far distanced itself from the conflict, arguing that “the selection of players and teams representing a member association is an internal matter”.

Afghan football players

In 2021, the international armed forces withdrew from Afghan soil. Many then fled the country before the rise of the Taliban. Among them, the absolute women’s soccer team. The players traveled to Australia, specifically the host country, along with New Zealand the next world.

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Players continue to practice soccer and fight like Melbourne Victory Football Club AWT. Although not all, others have been published in Portugal, Italy or England. However, they are still denied the opportunity to do what they love most while representing their country. This is because of the Taliban rule that women cannot practice any sport.

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