Sarah Corrales Talks About Her Work Outside of Acting: “I Love That Adrenaline Rush From Feeling So Active”

Sarah Corrales has referenced her role as a businesswoman. He currently has three restaurants in Medellin (@saracorrales/Instagram)

Since she debuted as an actress in RCN productions Everyone wants to be with Marilyn In 2004 thanks to the importance gained in Reality stars on our TVAnd Sarah Corrales She started a rising career that ended up cementing her position as one of the greatest personalities of the small screen in Colombia, especially thanks to her participation in the telenovela Neighbour Karacol TV.

Later, in Mexico, he becomes a regular face in various productions in the Aztec country. his appearance in Lord of Heaven, The Double Life of Estela Carrillo and recently in My way is to love you She won the love of the Mexican public, so much so She has diversified her interests beyond acting to become a businesswoman.

This was revealed by a woman from Antioquia during an interview with Colombian in which she spoke about her face as an entrepreneur. Talk about VIVO Live Food, a chain of restaurants located in different parts of the capital of Antioquia geared towards what they call “conscious eating” that offers an organic menu, with food sourced from their own garden, VIVO Live Farm. The actress explained her reasons for getting into the field:

“I am a woman who has put a lot of effort into the matter of investments. Acting is my passion, but I don’t want it to be my need. That is why I have been very disciplined in the investments that acting has generated in the many years of my career. I have ventured into the world of gastronomy, and I have three restaurants in Medellin I also have an agro-ecological garden that supplies all the food to restaurants, I sell memberships to those who want chemical free food at home We also offer experiences to spend a full day in the country and reconnect with the earth I want to sell health, wellbeing and environmental awareness This is the case for my company.

In this regard, Sarah was asked if her cooking habit stopped after her participation in MasterChef, reality In which he participated in 2019:

“After trying MasterChef, I’ve never cooked at home again, because honestly I don’t have time. I work all the time, but I enjoy it in a different way. I’m connected to my restaurant, always keeping an eye on the menus and accompanying the chefs. This keeps me connected to the kitchen.”

Regarding her future projects and the way she alternates between her time on the recording set and what her endeavors require, the actress replied:

“While I’m recording, it’s impossible to expect another acting project. I record every day, so I don’t have time for anything, but I do have time for my company. Between scene and scene I watch my restaurants, my agro-ecological garden, that everything is in order, my apartment is in order, Especially since my family is so well in. I love the adrenaline rush of feeling so energized.”

Corrales also said her other investments include forays into real estate, also stressing that she feels “very proud” of being a businesswoman. He also revealed that among his goals for 2023 is to open more VIVO Live Food branches.

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Regarding the possibility of reconnecting with some Colombian productions (the most recent one was The femme fatale in 2016), the woman from Antioquia was open to the possibility whenever an offer came up that caught her eye:

“I am a woman who is always open to good work options, wherever it may be. I love my country, so it will be Sarah Corrales where there are good projects and, of course, good economic proposals. I am very well established in Mexico, but I do not close the doors to register a project in Colombia. Moreover, I’m currently doing it in the country, with a series that will be seen in the U.S. I’m a Woman Without Ties Free”

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