Canada is looking for a Mexican Chef to work for $26 an hour

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If you are looking for a file A job with an attractive salary and legal benefitsfixed-term contract, and better, outside, The following information for you.

in recent months Vacancies for Mexicans Abroad was among the most competitive, so in Millennium We show you a job vacancy as a chef in Canada.

Work as a chef in Canada

the OCCMundial platform, Responsible for posting job offers placed on his website a Available vacancy In a company based in Canada, such as chose to remain confidential, This is anonymity.

The position to be filled is stock cooker, who prides himself on being Right hand Executive ChefHence the chef. It is a restaurant with Mediterranean flavors that are respected Freshness of products according to their season.

vacancy in a Mexican restaurant in Canada | private

What are they looking for and what are the jobs?

Someone who has a great passion for cooking and an eye for detail. The selected person will be contracted for a period of two years French cooking business It is located an hour and a half from Montreal. The gross hourly wage shown is 26 Canadian dollarsEquivalent 344 Mexican pesos.

Among the jobs to be performed:

  • help with Menu design and preparation
  • Preparing high quality dishes
  • make sure that The kitchen works on time And with set quality standards

staffing requirements

  • At least 2 years of experience as an assistant chef
  • Knowledge of French cooking
  • knowledge Hygiene standards
  • Skill in communication and human relations
  • Teamwork ability

Regarding the language, it is basic level of English, While for French a basic level is sufficient, although detailed you must have it Prepare to learn it.

What does the contracting company offer and what are the specifications?

When you apply for this position, you will have A series of benefits, including:

  • Those granted under Canadian law
  • Ease of work permit processing
  • Support your arrival in Canada
  • Two-year contract

Regarding the working day, it is Five days a week full time Again, the gross wage is $26 CAD per hour. You will be classified within the Tourism, Hospitality and Gastronomy branch; A minimum of high school level is required.


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