Sanchez opposed voting in right-wing media and won opinion

from Madrid

Pedro Sanchez He presented various manifestations of daring and political talent, but he lacked one, He risks supporting citizens in an array of right-wing media who made a barrier against their government from the first minute.

It wasn’t part of the initial strategy, rather reaction to an election campaign that has not yet begun, It was learned that the results of the regional elections in May had put the PP on the safe path to La Moncloa.

The media tour included everything from evening magazines to prime-time talk shows; Sites where data inaccuracies, fake news, and frequent public spaces typical of right-wing populist parties appear on the program list in their full nature.

Ana Rosa Quintana is undoubtedly one of the best examples of this type of content. In an hour-long interview, SEnchez should have dismantled the lies and the liesand some were part of the party’s populist rhetoric, such as PSOE’s alleged alliance with EH Bildu, a Basque party with a sovereign left-wing ideology, which the right links directly to the ETA killings.

but also, Refute false statements about the economic situation The state, youth employment and pension revaluation, which are issues that directly affect the pockets of voters, and could determine an electoral scenario. Something similar happened to him on Pablo Mutos’ night program, one of the most watched on Spanish television, or Carlos Alsena’s program on Radio Onda Cerro, whose questionnaire included “The Question”: Why do you lie to us so much?

In the end, what happened to Sanchez and his campaign team was not only a political decision, but also entitlement and preparation. Take care of the toneDon’t enter checks. Be clear about the arguments and facts, and they came up with the message that in the end, he had to go around the drivers to connect with the audience. All this on the wave of vertigo and insolence with which TV shipments surf here and there.

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It should be clarified that the initiative was not isolated. PSOE leader Participate in each of the discussions he can attend. In some, Strategic alliance with Sumar For PP Equation with Retrograde Vox, or to weaken the latter. In others, facing the popular leader, which, by the way, should have been his great moment, ended up being his worst performance.

At the same time, he has not stopped looking for complicity in the centrist or progressive media. This Friday, to name a few, when the election seemed to be decided, he took advantage of an interview on one of the country’s leading radio stations to prompt Spanish newspapers – with subtle irony – to open their front pages with a frustrated pact between the Popular Party and EH Bildu in a small town in northern Spain. Something, by the way, in the case of the newspaper vanguardIt happened.

The microscopic data that makes it possible to understand the impact of the interviews will remain available to electoral analysts, but it is beyond doubt that – in light of the results – Sanchez’s tour of the right-wing ghost media dispute in meaningand at least question the false facts that the right has used in recent years.

It will be seen if the results are sufficient for the continuation of PSOE at the head of the Spanish government. For now, the left can be encouraged to pick up on a campaign precedent in which a political leader was encouraged to go through political polarization hell.

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