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Jason Kilk, a teacher from Leeds, is known to be the “worst coronavirus patient” in the whole UK. On April 1, 2020, he was transferred to a local hospital with a lung infection derived from Covid-19.

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The man was put on a ventilator only 48 hours later and has not been discharged from the hospital since then so he is weak still unable to walk without assistance.

The damage to his stomach was reported to have resulted in A. Gastroparesis. This causes daily bouts of vomiting due to the stomach being unable to empty normally.

As stated on the website of NHS EnglandGastroparesis can be related to complications from surgery and type 2 diabetes, which is something your agent suffers from.

The Long covidAs they call it, it includes shortness of breath, confusion, and muscle aches. According to estimates, it affects about one in ten people with the disease, but severe cases, like Kelk, are very rare.

On the other hand, many studies indicate that Covid-19 can also alter the digestive system, which is why many scientists are asking health authorities to recognize diarrhea as a possible symptom of Covid.

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