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Animators used remote access to connect to a computer animation project, and directors and producers checked in zoom.

Barney Pudowski is a lovable but shy high school boy who finds it difficult to make friends with his peers. Lacks what guarantees popularity in school: the B*Bot, a digitally connected treadmill, designed as the perfect solution to any challenge. His father, realizing that the only thing Barney wants for his birthday is a robot, surprises him with a B*bot named Ron; However, there is clearly something wrong with his new best friend. Ron knows nothing about his new owner, his circuits are flawed and Barney realizes that no matter how much he restarts over and over again, he won’t become his best buddy.

This “disadvantage” that distinguishes it from other robots is precisely what drives the different relationship between the two. Ron is very curious, loyal and determined to support Barney in everything. The two develop a true friendship that redefines the boundaries of technology.

Can you imagine having a rebel robot as your best friend? In a live interview with Jean-Philippe Fine and Octavio Rodriguez, Director and Co-Director of ron da error (runewent wrong), Details for Universe, the production process of the animated film, which opens Thursday 21st in cinemas across the country.

“The world is completely saturated with technology. Technology has become a necessity of life,” says co-director Jean-Philippe Fine. And people are increasingly exposed, through technology, to people and interests similar to their own. Our film explores what that means in the world of friendship. Ron and Barney are an extraordinary pair of friends, very different, but throughout the movie they form a strong bond that becomes very rewarding for both of them. The film is a celebration of friendship, especially the complex ones.

In the film, Jack Dylan Grazer plays the voice of the original Barney, while Ron is played by actor Zach Galifianakis. © 2021 20th Century Studios. All rights reserved. Photo: Locksmith Animation

How was the creation process with the epidemic?

Jean-Philippe Fine: It was a surprise. We asked ourselves, how would it be possible to create the story? How would it be possible to create the movie? And at the end of the day it turned out to be something we could work with. Since we are human, we are flexible, we have limitations, and we find paths. At first it wasn’t perfect, but since we had a good structure in the studio, it worked. When you have a vision for a movie, it’s an unspoken rule to do the best of everything. We entered this place as a group. You are an inspiration and if some things aren’t working, you just know that everyone is on the same page trying to tell a great story.

The film shows the excessive attachment one has with technology, and shows a device as the protagonist, is it a criticism or a warning against its continued use?

Octavio Rodriguez: We are not looking to criticize technology. In fact, making a movie is about great artists bringing their ideas together. We try to examine friendship in the age of social media and try to portray the relationship Offline online (Offline) This is contradictory and problematic and this is the basis of friendship. When you can be different, but allow each other to be different.

The value of friendship is there and proves that even if you are different we can be friends, do you want your audience of children and teens to understand that differences can unite them too?

Jean-Philippe Fine: In fact, we’re very interested in what’s happening to artificial intelligence like Siri and Alexa that are advancing more and more, in a way that they can call you and do things that seem easy.

In our movie we have such a gap, Ron is designed to connect you with people who love the same thing as you and actually that’s a good thing at the beginning of the movie, but what we’re saying is if if you were exposed to things like you, you wouldn’t grow up and you wouldn’t have a deep life experience.

And that is why Ron is different, he is defiant. She does different things. You bring different people to be your friends.

The film deals with the basics of friendship, from the components of friendship to how friendships are produced, developed and maintained. © 2021 20th Century Studios. All rights reserved. Photo: Locksmith Animation

ron da wrong It is the first movie to be released in theaters for the animation company Animation locksmith Based in the United Kingdom. The production company was founded and led by women in 2004 by Julie Lockhart and Sarah Smith, in collaboration with Elizabeth Murdoch.

The film features the English voices of Zach Galifianakis as Ron; Jack Dylan Grazer as Barney Budowski; Olivia Colman as Donka; Ed Helms as Graham Budowski, Barney’s father; Judge Smith as Mark Weddell. Rob Delaney as Andrew Morris; Kylie Cantrall as Savannah Meads; Ricardo Hurtado is rich; Marcus Scribner as Alex and Thomas Barbuska as Jaden.

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