Rodo Sayags and Fede Alvarez return to the blind horror “Don’t Breathe”

Sony’s frame where Stephen Lang appears as the blind man, during a scene from the horror movie “Don’t Breathe 2” which after grossing 158 million worldwide and also garnering critical acclaim, finally reached US theaters on 13 August. EFE / Serge Radovich / Sony

Los Angeles (USA), June 29 (EFE). – Uruguayans Rodo Sayagis and Fed Alvarez presented on Tuesday the first images of the song “Don’t Breathe 2”, a sequel to the horror song “Don’t Breathe” (2016) in which the blind character became a real torment for a group of reckless young men.
With a budget of just $10 million, Don’t Breathe grossed $158 million worldwide and was critically acclaimed.
Sayagues and Álvarez now continue that story with a slight difference: They are both co-writers again, but this time Sayagues takes over from Álvarez as director.
Very close collaborators for years and with other wins to their credit such as “Evil Dead” (2013), Sayagues and Álvarez participated this Tuesday in an event in Los Angeles (USA) with a small group of media, including Efe, to reveal some of the keys to This movie will be released in US theaters on August 13th.
Attendees were able to see two clips from the movie, including an intriguing sequence shot that ran through the hero’s house, as well as the first trailer for “Don’t Breathe 2,” which will be officially released on Wednesday.
Sayagis, who is signing with Don’t Breathe 2 his first feature film as a director, commented that he wanted to get behind the camera but initially only thought of shooting a short film.
However, Alvarez suggested he take over the sequel to Don’t Breathe, which, according to his masterminds, expands the realm of suspense that created the original movie out of Blindness.
Sayagues ended up accepting that invitation, although today he confirmed that he had a “safety net” in his directorial debut: He had a large part of the team from the original movie and Alvarez on the other end of the phone to answer any questions.
With Stephen Lang once again at the helm of the cast, Don’t Breathe 2 delves into topics such as fatherhood, justice, revenge on the mysterious blind character Norman Nordstrom, and fear surrounded by darkness and silence.
In this regard, Sayagis said he felt “a privilege” and “an honor” to work with Lang on this new film.
“Steven is incredible and he has a lot of experience. He’s been on this for 40 or 50 years and he’s worked with everyone…” he said.
“I tried to open my mind and wanted to connect with him to learn,” he added.
Alvarez, for his part, noted that the idea for the first “Don’t Breathe” movie came on a drive from San Diego to Los Angeles after Comic-Con.
They both considered it would be very difficult to achieve success with an original movie of theirs and without a story behind like ‘Evil Dead’, but in the end ‘Don’t Breathe’ ended up sweeping the box office which is something that made them feel ‘super proud and happy’.

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