Ricky Jervis returns: They confirmed the date for the premiere of the new season of “After Life”

The hit drama comedy written and starring the famous comedian will hit Netflix in a few days. Check the trailer.

Slowly but surely, news about one of the world’s most popular series, Netflix, begins to emerge. it’s about after lifeWritten, directed and produced by British comedian Ricky Gervais, the comedy-drama has already presented two successful seasons, but due to its success, plot fans have been urgently waiting for a third batch of new episodes that are no longer expected.

The news for all of them is that they won’t have to wait any longer, as Gervais recently used his Twitter account to deliver good news about the series. It was in that space on the social network where the actor uploaded a very touching trailer with photos for the next season of the story with the caption: #AfterLife3 Coming Soon.

The 60-year-old comedian accompanied the pictures with a song called “Just Three Things” (Only Three Things, composed with words and music by the same actor and Andy Burroughs) that lasted about two minutes. On screen you can see the character known as Tony (performed by Jervis), his father (played by David Bradley), his loyal dog and his late wife Lisa, played by actress Keri Goodleman.

Right after the post, fan reviews didn’t stop coming to the Gervais Twitter account that flooded the comments section. “I’m crying! This season will be very exciting”; After seeing the trailer, I think I’m lost in a sea of ​​tears. I can’t wait for the new episodes because they’ll definitely be in the mood again.” “It’s great. I can’t wait to start crying and then start laughing again the next minute,” were some of the comments from fans of the series.

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After confirmation by file creator after life In the future, the six-season premiere of Season 3 will be on January 14.

Speaking recently to the Mirror (a UK morning newspaper), the actor said: “I’ve already made my decision that there won’t be a fourth season of after life. So I kept that in mind to remind myself that it would be tempting to do so, but there’s an old adage that says, “To lead an orchestra you have to turn your back on the audience.” And that’s right, so I’d rather be careful and finish at that level.”

Recall that after the completion of this project, the actor at the end of last year signed a new contract with Netflix promising to produce three new series bearing his signature for development in the near future.

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