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All news produced by Australian media on Facebook will be blocked.

The US multinational Facebook announced on Wednesday that it will ban publishers and other users in Australia from sharing news produced by the media on its platform, in response to a controversial bill promoted by that country’s government.

“In response to the new bill, Facebook will restrict the ability of publishers and others in Australia to share or read news content produced by Australian or international media.”The company, headed by Mark Zuckerberg, said in a statement.

In practice, this means that All news produced by Australian media on Facebook will be blocked, And that those produced by means outside Australia will not be visible to users in the country.

Wednesday’s announcement comes as a legislative committee in the Australian Parliament is considering a A proposed law that forces technology companies to agree to pay for the news and content they publish -Because, for example, is being shared by internet users in the case of Facebook- but created by media.

In the event that internet platforms and traditional media do not reach an agreement, the Australian government wants the court to mediate between the parties and decide how much to pay, something both Facebook and Google strongly opposed. Teeth, to the point that even Google has threatened to stop operating in the country.

However, on the same Wednesday, Google and News Corp, which are publishers of newspaper headlines such as The Times, The Sun, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Post, announced an agreement under which the internet giant would pay for its content to be displayed on the search engine section. News.

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This is a three-year agreement under which Google will pay “big sums” to News Corp for its ability to display the news produced by its various newspapers in the prominent section of Google News, but the amounts have not been detailed.

The News Corp headlines that will receive money from Google are The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, MarketWatch, and The New York Post in the United States; The Times, The Sunday Times and The Sun in the UK; And various publications in Australia such as The Australian, Sky News, news.com.au And many local Australian media.

The search engine also reached another similar agreement with 121 publishing companies in France, and recently it closed private contracts with publishers in Argentina, Brazil, Germany and the United Kingdom. (I am)

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