Remember the PS5 development kit in V shape? The new images appear from different angles

Console developer kits are often a far cry from final designs, and the PS5 has given a lot to talk about.

During the long period of time in which it was designed PS5Before it went official, Sony’s next-generation console development kit was traded like wildfire. for him The V-shaped finish was striking And we wondered for a while whether or not that was real. Even It’s officially confirmed and we can see what’s behind the rendering.

New images allow us to see the development console from new anglesNow we no longer wonder if the PS5 will have those specific characteristics, but the new images for Controller kit dev; As you know, the device that engineers use to develop new systems and carry out technical tests; Although it is usually far from always the final version. The new snapshots show us a file Actual prototype designFrom various angles, it does not render the ability to take a closer look at its side panels, back or connection.

The photos appear to have come from a Chinese packaging company, and appear to be company-owned Official file from PlayStation, Since it displays official company icons. The new four images allow us to see the console from different angles, again confirming that the very characteristic V was phased out in the version that arrived in stores. It also highlights that the machine is in Completely black, Something completely different from the predominant white the PS5 has.

It’s always funny to see what controllers look like in the early stages and What they change in relation to their final concept. Recently, we have also been able to see One of the SEGA Saturns that never got to see the light. On the PS5, we’ve seen in the last hours how the console was announced Denuvo support to avoid fraud.

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