The Milky Way can be littered with planets with oceans and continents such as Earth

Researchers believe that our planet, Venus, and Mars may have been made of small particles of ice and carbon, which opens the door to the possibility that our galaxy contains many water worlds.


Discovering life on other planets is now the main goal for scientists. But for there to be life, a series of conditions must be met, including the presence of water. However, the way the liquid element appeared on our planet is still a matter of debate: Did it appear during its formation or did it arrive almost by accident when an icy asteroid collided in our field? Now, researchers at the GLOBE Institute of the University of Copenhagen have published an offer for the first option study. And according to their calculations, this also happened on Venus and Mars, so they concluded that the Milky Way galaxy might be full of aquatic planets. The results have just been published in the journal Science Advances.

All of our data indicates that water has been part of the building blocks of Earth from the start. Because the water molecule occurs frequently, there is a reasonable possibility that it applies to all planets in the Milky Way. And Anders Johansen, from the Center for Star and Planetary Formation and lead author of the study, explains the crucial point for finding out if there is liquid water is the distance from the planet to its star.

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