Rafael Correa linked Cristina Kirchner to San Martin and Evita: reasons for excessive praise

Correa said that Cristina Kirchner is like San Martín and Evita together. He was well received by the audience.

The immoderate praise was met with immediate applause from the audience of Kirchner officials, commanders, and fighters who filled the “Blue Whale,” a 2,000-seat auditorium in the Kirchner Cultural Center, where the Puebla group was meeting. held. “I see in Cristina[Kirchner]a wonderful chemistry between the thought and action of General San Martin and Evita,” said the former Ecuadorian president. Rafael Correa. He was seated to the left of the vice president, the central protagonist of the meeting.

The former president of the Andean country spoke at the main session, which also brought together other former presidents who declared themselves progressive, including Ernest Samper (Columbia), Evo Morales (Bolivia) f Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero (Spain). As spoken from the stage by a former Spanish judge, Balthazar Garzon; Chilean Marco Enriquez Ominami; Representative Eduardo Valdes, Brazilian jurist, Giselle Ricoboum.

Christina Kirchner and Rafael Correa have some in common: They are former presidents and leaders of political movements who have been sentenced to prison for corruption. They claim that they are in fact victims of political persecution by businessmen, judges and the media. They assert that they are being punished because they have benefited popular sectors. If Correa returns home, he will end up in jail. Christina Kirchner says she’s already banned, though her sentence isn’t final yet.

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The Grupo de Puebla meeting took place, where CFK said it “didn’t mind ending up in jail” and blessed the activist’s “Cristina Presidenta” cry, “Popular Will and Democracy”. From the Military Party to the Judicial Party, Threats to Democracy”. It served as a platform for guests to question the performance of the Argentine judiciary and even question the full validity of the rule of law.

Correa was commended before the Argentine vice president took the floor. In fact, it was nothing impromptu: he read it, in the first part of a written speech that lasted about 10 minutes, an achievement for the head of the Citizen’s Revolution Movement, who usually speaks longer.

The Puebla group has come together to support Vice President Cristina Kirchner, who faces a 6-year prison sentence for corruption and exclusion for life.
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“I admire and love Cristina so much that if I improvised I would get lost, and then I’d prefer some remarks here. I see in Christina a wonderful chemistry between the thought and action of General San Martin and Evita Perón,” the speech began. There is no shortage of reasons to justify this enthusiasm.

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“I loved this pairing that you made between San Martín and Evita, Rafael. It seems to me not just a literary finding but also a historical discovery,” Christina Kirchner said of the comparison made minutes earlier by the President of Ecuador.

Getting to know corey happens because christina kirshner was key to that Maria de los Angeles Duartethe former Minister of Transport who was sentenced to prison for corruption in public works, was first granted asylum in the residence of the Argentine ambassador in Quito, and later granted political asylum.

Maria, as Correa calls her, faces an eight-year prison sentence, spent more than two years in protection in the Argentine residence and fled last week, heading to Caracas, Venezuela, in a daring operation that deceived Ecuadorian security.

Maria de los Angeles Duarte was the Minister of Curia and ended up serving 8 years in prison for corruption.

This leak caused a diplomatic escalation between the government of Guillermo Laso – the arch-rival of Rafael Correa – and the government of Alberto Fernandez. Because of the clandestine escape and suspicions of collusion and collusion, they declared the Argentine ambassador Gabriel Fox “persona non grata” and expelled him from the country, an action that led to the same Argentine demand for Ecuador’s representative in Buenos Aires to withdraw from the country.

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For Correa, Duarte’s protection is of the utmost importance because she was an essential part of his government and could not end up in an Ecuadorean prison, according to Foreign Minister Juan Carlos Holguín.

In tonight’s meeting, Correa recalled that Christina Kirchner “miraculously” emerged unscathed from the September 1st assassination attempt. This truth “is the product of the perpetual incitement of hatred against those who have always preyed upon the interests of a predatory, classist, and greedy class. This constant poison has been inoculated through the dominant press and its complicity with the justice system,” Correa said.

He related his situation to that of the vice president: “Not finding a single evidence of actions contrary to public morals, I was found guilty of psychoactive effects.” However, during his speech he was keen to refer in detail to the incident that led to the diplomatic escalation.

It is painful that this meeting coincides with the events that led to a rift in relations between Argentina and Ecuador. The former minister of my government, the architect María Duarte, received one of the more than twenty who participated in an operation called the case of bribery, model of legal warfare, at the Argentine embassy in Quito under the concept of humanitarian protection. As soon as the Argentine government, headed by Alberto Fernandez, granted him political asylum, the Ecuadorean government, in violation of all legal precepts, denied him safe conduct,” described the former president.

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He added, “Given this situation, Maria decided without the knowledge of the Argentine ambassador or his officials – I repeat: without the knowledge of Gabriel Fox and his officials – to leave the Argentine legation of her own free will and move to another country. Here there was no way out but liberation.”

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She was in perfect legal condition. She was granted asylum, and is protected under international law and Ecuadorian constitutional law. Correa said Lasu’s government had flagrantly violated the Caracas Convention, which obliges states to grant asylum seekers the right to safe conduct.

The response to María’s departure, though unheard of, was a declaration of persona non grata to the Argentine ambassador. As if he is the guardian and not just the host of the refugee, ”the former Ecuadorian president affirmed.

“The Lasso government, repudiated by an entire people, only endorses with this new absurdity the monstrous oppression of the past six years, which they call corismo and confirm their incompetence. As an Ecuadorian, follow Correa, I apologize for the stupidity of a government that has become the laughing stock of the continent. Soon we will have Ecuador back for Great Fatherland, and there will be little left.

In the end, he stressed, “an unworthy act cannot erase the stories of brotherhood” between the two peoples. “Christina, you have the full support, appreciation and admiration of the Puebla group. Precisely one of its founders is President Alberto Fernandez, the key to this meeting, who has always asked us to support you in the face of so much shame.”

The last stanza of the speech is striking. Correa seems to be the transmitter of a message that has also been repeated by other presenters, such as Marco Enriquez-Ominami or the Colombian Samper, who repeatedly asserts that the Argentine president – with whom the vice-president speaks little or nothing – has been promoted. Achieve this forum. Stupendous. When Christina spoke, Alberto Fernandez was speaking at an official ceremony, but away from CCK.

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