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the Gastronomy in South America Covers all types of foods and recipes. Each of its regions is a world of flavor that is manifested through ancient ingredients and local dishes that represent the best of culinary culture.

Food tasting site Atlas taste Review more than 10,000 foods and drinks from around the world to find the most popular around every corner and Argentina It was among the favorites that users voted for.

NS South america The arrangement highlights dishes from BrazilVenezuela and Peruand delicious ceviche leads the podium, and Argentina. Gastronomy prevails in our country in a menu 100 best meals From the region with 5 foods is a national pride.

Boesto 10: Pecanha (Brazil)

This cut of beef is especially popular and highly prized in Brazil. The picana is located at the back of the animal and is used mainly for grilling: the meat is first grilled and then cut into a skewer in the right way so that it does not harden. In Brazil, every churrasco has a picana, and all the best ‘churascarias’ include picanas in their menus.

“the breaded It’s a humble but delicious meal that consists of a slice of fine breaded beef that is fried in hot oil and curls as it cooks.”, they explain in TasteAtlas and add: “Because of the fact that the cuts of meat selected have less fat and tendons than the other cuts”.

A favorite of Argentines, melanone, was on the list of the top 10 most popular foods in South America.

The Argentinean dish shares many similarities with the Austrian Wiener Schnitzel and American fried chicken strips. However, Milan has its roots in ItalyThe original dish returns to the city of Milan Already famous Milanese Cutlet .

Eighth place: Arriba (Venezuela)

the ariba It is a versatile cornbread made with ground corn dough or pre-cooked cornmeal. Usually consumed in Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic. In Venezuela, arepa is eaten at any time of the day and throughout the country.

It’s usually filled with a variety of toppings, and the combinations are endless, from beans, cheese, and avocado to shredded beef and onions. For a Venezuelan breakfast, arepas are traditionally paired with a cup of strong coffee and hot chocolate.

Position 7: Dulce de Leche ( Argentina)

“the caramel sauce It is made by heating sugar-sweetened cow’s milk until it caramelizes and achieves a thick consistency, enough to serve as a spread or filling for cake, desserts or ice cream coatings,” they say on the specialist website.

The survey highlighted the Argentine flavor of dulce de leche over other desserts in the region.

Position 6: Fijawad ( Brazil)

Feijoada or whole feijoada is the national dish BrazilStew with pork and black beans. The dish is consumed all over the country and each family has its own recipe. Fried vegetables, cheese rolls, rice and fresh oranges are served alongside rich smoked ham and black beans.

Traditionally, it is prepared for lunch on Saturday, so that consumers can sleep. Beans are flavored with onions, tomatoes, cilantro and garlic, while pork can be enriched with dried meat and smoked pork sausage.

Position 5: Grill ( Argentina)

“Barilla is an Argentinian word that has two meanings: it can be used to describe a typical Argentine steakhouse or it can refer to a metal grill used to prepare meat,” they explain in TasteAtlas.

The variety of cuts eaten on grills together reached fifth place in a ranking that highlights the 100 best foods from South America.

Considered an example of Argentine gastronomy and culture, Barbecue is so much more than just a meal. in a ArgentinaChile, Uruguay, Paraguay and in many other countries in South America, it is a culinary and social event brought by friends and family to share the joy of cooking in the open air”, they mention on the website specializing in gastronomy, and explain, in turn: “This Argentine (and other South American) tradition differs from the grill because in the first case only meat is cooked and in the second you can also add accessories such as vegetables”.

3rd place: Alfajore (Argentina)

Filled with dulce de leche or milk jam – TasteAtlas describes – this dessert is sandwiched between two sweet cookies covered with a layer of chocolate or sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Position 2: Churrasco ( Brazil)

“Churrasco is a Brazilian grilling method in which juicy bits, strips and steaks of beef, veal, lamb, pork and chicken are put on large skewers and grilled over a wood fire.”The site explains.

In restaurants known as SteaksIn the restaurant, skewers are displayed and waiters circle the tables to present the succulent meat to hungry diners. Once customers have chosen their preferred type of meat, it is sliced ​​off the skewers onto the dining room plates.

1st place: Ceviche (Peru)

The most sought-after place on the list was the traditional Peruvian ceviche.

ceviche is national dish Del pero, which consists of slices of raw fish or shellfish marinated in salt, onions and cayenne pepper, then drenched in lemon juice. Due to the acidity of lemon juice, the texture of the fish, as well as its color, changes from pink to white.

Acidic salt water, also known as tiger milk (lit leche de tigre) “cooks” the meat without any heat involved in the process. Peruvians are accustomed to fresh ingredients, so fish is sometimes prepared for ceviche less than an hour after it has been caught.

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