QS Ranking: University of Buenos Aires, among the best in Latin America

The University of Buenos Aires (UBA) is among the top ten universities in Latin America. The data originates from the annual classification prepared by the international consulting firm Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) Which placed the institution in ninth place on its list.

In this way, as in the 2022 edition, The university kept its ninth position intact due to its “exceptional reputation among academics and employers, as well as its collaborative research agenda.”“.

The ranking was led by the University of San Pablo in Brazil, replacing the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, which in this edition was in second place. While third place was taken by the State University of Campina, also located in São Paulo. For their part, six Argentine universities were among the top 50 universities in the region. After UBA, there are: National University of La Plata (21), Austral University (24), Argentine Catholic University (35), National University of Cordoba (36) and Torcuato de Tela University (45).

According to the report, UBA enjoys exceptional interest among academics and international employers. The QS Academic Reputation Index indicated that this university is the second best-ranked university in Latin America and the Caribbean. Only the National Autonomous University of Mexico received a higher score. Similar success has been observed among employers: “Once again, UBA is a national leader and ranks third regionally, while eight institutions are among the top 50,” they report.

In the field of research, the report indicated that the main Argentine universities cooperate extensively in cross-border research. For its part, the University of Buenos Aires is the leader at the national level, as it ranks ninth in the international research network. The National University of La Plata (UNLP) and the National University of Córdoba (UNC) also obtained excellent results in this indicator, ranking 21st and 31st, respectively.

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However, a similar trend is observed in the country’s research production: No Argentine university is among the top 50 in the QS measure of research production in terms of volume and papers per faculty. This indicates this, according to the report’s authors Research production is a challenge for Argentina.

“These results renew our commitment and responsibility as an academic institution. This position we occupy reflects the prestige of a public, free, broad-based, high-quality university; a university at the service of the common good, the community of which we are a part.” Nation Dean of the University of Buenos Aires, Ricaro Gilby. He added: “Likewise, this should be an impetus to reaffirm our values ​​and continue working as before, always with the challenge of achieving more and better results, overcoming the challenges that still lie ahead and thus building a fair university for all.” “

“Argentina is currently experiencing a difficult economic situation, with the inflation rate rising to more than 100%, its currency in difficulty and the poverty rate rising, and its universities have suffered from this stagnation for some time. Ben Sutter, Vice President of QS, said: “The fact that the higher education system continues to shine is testament to its resilience and the excellent reputation it enjoys on the international stage.” He added: “There is clearly room for improvement, especially in the scale and impact of research, but the data suggests that Argentina has the resources, expertise and international partnerships to support the growth of research and investment on a slight downward trajectory this year.”


the Austral University It has the distinction of producing the most influential research in Argentina according to “Citations Per Article”. Julian RodriguezDean of the House of Graduate Studies, explained to LA NACIÓN: “Austral University aims to contribute to society by contributing to the solution of the most urgent and complex problems that require coordination between multiple actors to achieve the common good, avoiding individualism and atomistic responses from a social perspective. It does not stop.” The Austral University community expresses its commitment to this joint research service to the country’s leadership in higher education.

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For his part, the university’s vice president for research, A. Sunday Terzia He said: “The classification indicators related to the research function provide a clear view of this key dimension of university life. In particular, the citation index for each paper reflects the impact and quality of the scientific work done. In Latin America and in our country its importance is not seen in some areas. For this reason, it is so important that Australian researchers stand out and lead the number of citations to their work, placing them globally competitive despite local limitations.

QS measure of class size and teaching resources, The teacher-to-student ratio is the strongest indicator in Argentina. The country has the highest average grades in the region, among countries with 10 or more ranked universities. The Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina comes in fifth place.

“Continuing the process of continuous improvement and innovation in teaching methods and educational technology, the University of Central Asia has risen six places in the QS Latin American ranking, remaining among the best universities in Argentina. We highlight the training and professionalism of our teachers, the comprehensive and humane training our students receive, and the new professions that have broadened the offer academic, the recognition that companies give to our graduates and the agreements that allow students to study subjects in the best universities in the world,” he told the Dean of the Argentine Catholic University, Miguel Angel Schiavone.

from her side, University of Torcuato di Tella It has an excellent level of specialization from its faculty, based on the number of faculty members holding doctoral degrees. In this way, it emerged top notch in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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The University of Belgrano also entered the rankings Top 100 Argentine Universities in Latin America and the Caribbean, ranked #97, followed by the University of Palermo at #100.

“The University of Belgrano remains one of the best universities in Argentina in terms of teacher-student ratio, with the aim of providing outstanding personalized education. Likewise, we have significantly improved our academic reputation and with employers, thanks to the quality of teaching and continuous improvement in preparing our students for the world of work. Eduardo DiezDirector of the International Relations Department at University of Belgrano.

For this part, Matthias PopowskiVice President of the University University of PalermoHe said: “Once again we find ourselves among the most famous group of private universities in Latin America. To be constantly highlighted, both in this ranking and in various international university rankings, such as MBA, in disciplines related to art and design, or to be number one in Latin America in the QS World Ranking in the International Student Index for nine consecutive years It affirms the commitment of our entire academic community to innovation and quality in teaching, and to placing the student at the center of the learning process. “It is a tribute to our teachers who motivate and challenge students to make a positive impact on society in every area of ​​their career,” he added.

Argentine universities among the top 100 universities in Latin America:

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