The Chinese Navy is progressing to commission two new Zubr-class aircraft

Based on a recent post on social media, The images revealed that two Zubr-class aircraft of the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) are already in operation..

Well described by the analyst Alex luck half Marine NewsIn 2014, China received two Zubr LCAC units from Ukraine with a total value of $315,000,000, with numbers 3325 and 3326. Then a decision was made to locally assemble two more Type 728 units, with Nos. 3327 and 3328, delivered in 2018. With which the appearance of these two new hovercraft will bring the total number of operating units in the Chinese Navy to six; The first of the two new vessels built (No. 3260) was seen for the first time in May this year. While the second (No. 3261) was first seen a few days ago by OSINT.

“The new Zubr LCAC noted slight differences with respect to the four vessels already in service” to explain Alex luck In your middle note Marine News Detail new features that you appreciate. This includes the installation of a fire control radar in the same place, where previous ships had an electro-optical aiming system. The mast, which carries the navigation radars and communications equipment, has also been redesigned, now featuring a cruciform support structure rather than the simpler arrangement of the first four units.” Add.

As for issues regarding future production of these ships, their designs and the expected quantity in service, the final number of units that will make up the class of ships remains to be confirmed. hovercraft. “However, the appearance of these newly manufactured units indicates that PLAN intends to roll out Zubr on a larger scale.” Marine News suggests.

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Today, the Zubr-class hovercraft, according to its Soviet Project 1232.2 designation, are the largest in the world and represent an almost unique military capability for amphibious-type military operations. This ship has a capacity of 555 tons and can carry up to three combat vehicles (50 tons or less), or between eight and ten light armored vehicles over 500 km.

*Original memo published by Naval News on July 9 “More Zubr-class amphibious attack hovercraft for the Chinese Navy” – Author: Alex luck.

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