Practice self-esteem to free yourself from imposter syndrome

Have you ever felt poorly trained for the job you hold? Despite having a lot of credentials and previous experience in this field? Do you feel that others can do your job better than you and you think others will notice this at any moment? Do you think you got there with luck? If the answer to all of these questions is yes, then you may suffer from the well-known imposter syndrome, a phenomenon that occurs mostly among women and has a lot to do with false beliefs and has nothing to do with reality.

So you can get over it, plus you are invited to see a Videos we created for the virtual OHLALÁ classroom! Makers with Alejandra MarcotteWe suggest that you complete this exercise designed by Alejandra, especially thinking about challenging those attractive thoughts that stick in your mind that do not allow you to enjoy your accomplishments as well as they deserve.

The first thing you need to do is remember those moments when you found yourself in a difficult situation (promotion, start of a project, a grant application, a room full of people you were going to lecture with., A meeting with a client you were aspiring to get, etc.). Well, now answer these questions (you can do that in the box above:

1. What are the most common phrases that come to mind? Which of these phrases do not encourage or interrupt you?

for each one of them:

2. I wrote the opposite sentence.

3. From 1 to 100% … in what% can I confirm that this is true for me?

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4. Write a list of your accomplishments, experiences, abilities, and what you think can support this sentence (as opposed to the original).

Once you think you’re done with the list, spend another 5 minutes observing it and asking yourself, What can I notice that I’ve never seen before? What can I say to myself the next time I get frustrating phrases? I have written and trained several sentences out loud! Leave it somewhere where you can take it into account. From this exercise, what could you do differently?


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