Pope Francis has been willing to bring back colonial-era artworks in the Vatican

Pope Francis arrives to meet refugees and the poor at St. Elisabeth of Hungary Church, in Budapest, Hungary, on April 29, 2023. (AP Photo/Darko Vojinovic)

Pope Francis has been willing to return, as far as possible, to works of art from the time of colonization of America that are in the collections of the Vatican Museums. It was claimed by the indigenous people, during today’s press conference on his return from his trip to Hungary.

“As far as possible, please, it should be done,” Pope Francis told reporters during the flight back to Rome from Budapest, which he has been visiting for three days.

Pope addressed this issue when asked about Petitions of the Indigenous Peoples of Canada They hope that the Vatican Museums will return some of the objects that missionaries brought to Europe and that they are now claiming as part of a process of compensation for the treatment they have suffered, also by the Catholic Church.

During his trip to Canada in July 2022, the Canadian Prime Minister said, Justin TrudeauIndigenous societies asked Pope Francis to return to the Vatican a series of original pieces that had been held by the Museums of the Holy See since 1925.

According to Francisco, these negotiations are “ongoing” and dialogue with the indigenous population has been “very fruitful”.

FILE PHOTO: An empty gallery inside the Vatican Museums is seen through the bars as staff prepare to reopen on June 1 after months of closure due to the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in this photo from an undated video in Vatican City. Vatican Museums/Handout via Reuters
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Vatican Museums Three parts of the Parthenon were returned to Greece earlier this year That was revealed, by decision of Pope Francis and as a gesture of the Orthodox Church in the country.

The three parts of the pediment, frieze and field of the Parthenon have been preserved in museums since the nineteenth century.

It is the seventh commandment if you have stolen…It is available for the return of works of art or objects in the possession of the Vatican Museums, said the Pope, though he added that in each case one must “distinguish” because “if the Egyptians come to claim, we cannot return the obelisk (in St. Peter’s Square)”.

Sometimes wars and colonialism make them take other people’s things. The Parthenon thing was a just gesture and must be done.”

He added that “to the extent that it can be restored, it is necessary”, it is a gesture that “it is better to do” but “sometimes it is not possible because of a political or real impossibility, but to the extent that it is possible to do so that he does not get used to the situation His hand is in the other’s pocket.”

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