Gino Godoy has suffered from home rule in Canada

It was a magical evening for Gino “El Rough” Godoy, who left Argentina to experience his first international cap at the age of 35. The destination was Ontario Canada, where he was measured on Saturday Canadian Brandon Cook He is 36 years old. In a split ruling, which sparked some controversy, the fight took it very little of its competitor.

In a closely contested match, Cook beat Gino Godoy on points in a split decision, which the jury’s decision left him with a bad taste in his mouth. The scores were 96/94 for Cook, 96/93 for Godoy and 95/94 for the man from Canada, who stayed that way with the fight.

The controversy was that in the fourth circular: The Argentinian delivered an impressive series of blows that left Brandon on the ground, can recover. For the judges, this KO was not nearly enough for them “raw” Add more points and you end up tilting the balance more relative to the local level.

And this unequal judgment is added to the one who lived Mauro Godoy in Ireland, Where he was superior to his opponent, but the fight was not won by refereeing considered “local”. Now Argentina’s No. 3 lightweight, Gino, will wait for a rematch to let Neuquén’s name be at the top once again.

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