“Players don’t have the patience.” Blizzard believes that the community “wants new things every day, every hour.”

Mike Ybarra gave an interview to The Verge, where he also mentioned that they are trying to maintain “Blizzard’s quality bar.”

How the Blizzard team must feel when the community always sees it Demand high-quality content? The truth is that the company has some Very popular IP addresses up your sleeveBut managing everything and keeping everyone happy must be very difficult. On this occasion, the person who spoke in this case was the company’s president.

Blizzard President Mike Ybarra gave an interview to the media the edge Where he meditates Constant demands For user content in their most popular titles. “the Players don’t have patience. They want new things every day, every hour“, confirms the manager. Although he does not refer to this in a negative tone, the company is trying to “respond by maintaining High quality tape From a strong blizzard.”

In fact, he himself recently noted that Phil Spencer would make them feel like an independent studio. For this reason, Ybarra hopes to “serve players with more content” in their world, although “at the same time” they want to make sure they are “responsible and Meet expectationsHowever, the Blizzard chief believes this: “I think we’re still improving a lot of these things as we go forward,” he opines (via Gaming Radar).

Blizzard isn’t afraid to create new IPs

It is known that there is a strong blizzard now Busy With several video games: Diablo 4, of which the Ship of Hate expansion was introduced alongside New character classOverwatch 2, which was announced New hero (Plus there are several more planned for 2024) In the Blizzcon 2023 Which will be released in the coming weeks, and World of Warcraft, which did its best by offering three expansions.

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However, Ybarra noted that Blizzard is open and willing to do so Create new epics: “We are not afraid to create new IP addresses.” In fact, they’re still continuing to develop Blizzard’s survival game, though good news. It turned out that the size of the team doubled in terms of the number of employees during the past year.

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