Chile is scheduled to vote on whether to approve or reject the draft new constitution on December 17

Chilean President Gabriel Boric receives the new Magna Carta proposal today (EFE/Javier Martin)

Chile concluded its second founding process on Monday in a sober ceremony featuring the leftist president Gabriel Borekreceived the proposed Magna Carta prepared by the Constitutional Council and formally called for a referendum on December 17.

On that day the citizens will decide If you accept or reject it It remains definitively with the current text that was written during the dictatorship period.

Buric expressed during his speech that “the final time is open to the citizens, who will have to decide how this text will allow us to address the major issues in Chile (…) and they will have to decide whether the proposal unites us.” .

The new articles, promoted by neoliberal conservatives, were approved last week in a climate of intense polarization and reflect the divisions that have characterized the course of this second attempt: The far-right Republican Party voted for him (22 of 50 seats) And the traditional right (11 seats), and the 17 members of the Governing Council opposed it.

And the head of the far-right council Beatrice HeviaHe eased the tension between the sectors, and said that the body had fulfilled the “necessary minimum,” which was – in his words – “forgetting the sad scene of division and confrontation left by the previous process,” which concluded in September 2022 with voters’ resounding rejection of a project written by a leftist conference.

Defenders of the text argue so It guarantees “liberty” and “security” and provides “economic and legal certainty.” While its critics describe it as “partisan” and say that it perpetuates the neoliberal model that has stabilized the current constitution in place since the dictatorship (1973-1990) and which has been reformed dozens of times in democracy.

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Until now, the main forces of the ruling party such as The Communist Party, the leftist Front Amplio coalition, to which Buric belongs, and the Socialist Party have already announced their vote against him. The Christian Democrats’ decision is expected to be issued this afternoon.

On December 17, citizens will decide whether to approve or reject it and permanently retain the current text, which was written during the dictatorship (Chile’s presidency)

If the proposal is finally rejected in December, the current constitution, which has been reformed dozens of times under a democratic regime but is in question due to its dictatorial origin, will remain in effect. The government of President Gabriel Buric has already announced that it will not promote a third operation.

He points out that “the left will be defeated again because it either ratifies the current constitution and legitimizes it, or stays with the constitution that was preferably drafted by right-wing parties.” Evie Academician from the University of Talca Mauricio Morales.

The political scientist from the University of Chile adds in the same context: “The ruling party has no way out.” Maria Cristina Escudero.

All surveys predict that the new proposal has occurred High probability of getting rid of it In the referendum next month. The latest poll conducted by Kadem, which tracks citizens’ opinions week after week, revealed that 35% would vote for him and 50% against him.

Regarding the results of the latest poll, Morales asserts that “support for the constitution represents a gender gap, an age gap, and an income gap.”

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Academic Claudia HessHe, also from the University of Chile, believes that “it is difficult to reduce in one month” the distances of 20 points that the polls reflect, although “it is not impossible,” considering that “the far-right populist discourse has been largely successful,” he says.

“Issues of security and economic stability are raised that are not necessarily related to the Constitution but are very attractive, as is the idea that this is the only way to close the constitutional debate, which is a debate that people are having in Chile.” “Very tired,” he adds.

Given the clear possibility of a second failure, experts agree that political forces are more likely Look for cross-sectional agreements To reform the current Basic Charter, taking advantage of Congress in 2022 reducing the high quorum to amend it.

(With information from EFE)

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