PayDay 3 will take massive heists to New York with the heroes of the first video game

After a complex development, Starbreeze promises to be ready by 2023.

Starbreeze already warned us in 2017 about it We shouldn’t be in a hurry With Payday 3The studio announced the start of production for the third installment of the hit co-op franchise, confirming earlier this year that The game will arrive by 2023 From the hand of Koch Media who Invested 50 million euros to save the project Very sensitive economic situation.

Dallas, Huxton and Wolfe Chains will be back in actionThe study managed to keep it ardent fans with the project from Get the privilege, with common decisions such as the disappearance of microtransactions in Payday 2, a policy he promised to maintain in this new batch, and about which we haven’t had much information over the years.

But Starbreeze wanted to celebrate 10th Anniversary from PayDay: The Heist Broadcast collected by VGC, with the study’s director, Eric Wonify, who was able to confirm some details of the expected third installment of the saga. The story will take place years after PayDay 2 and will include the original band: Dallas, Hoxton, Chains The Wolf.

The story will be updated to the digital age, taking on topics such as Mass surveillance, dark web And new assets like Cryptocurrency. Starbreeze also introduced a new concept art featuring all four characters, as well as emphasizing New York As the stage where the action begins in PayDay 3. If you want to know more about PayDay burglaries, we at 3DJuegos have collected many Interesting details about PayDay 3 that make us excited about its development.

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