Phil Spencer shows confidence in the company’s future

The Xbox CEO was sure, in an interview dedicated to the company’s 20th anniversary.

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to me Phil SpencerXbox has never been in range better situationWho are you currently in. To illustrate this statement, Phil reiterated, he does not measure the success of this company by a number sales From Xbox Xbox Xnor by Reviews In video game reviews.

I really like how the brand looks now.Phil SpencerThis question and others have been answered by Phil, in Podcast with IGNthat celebrated 20th Anniversary from Xbox. “Honestly, I can’t remember a time when we were in a better position than we are now, with the capabilities we have in the studio today, where our machines are, and our services continue to grow.” Words from Phil Spencer.

"Xbox at its best": Phil Spencer shows confidence in the company's future

One of the interesting questions on the podcast for Phil was his choice Favorite moment In my 20 years of Xbox use. “I will always choose this year, because I am always looking forward. When I think about seeing the team – we just had a great presentation with Bethesda – I’m really impressed with the look of the brand right now.

Spencer also mentioned the importance of Xbox One. Although it was a difficult moment, it helped Microsoft better define its course. “It was a pivotal moment for the team. What set us apart? What did we want to be as we went on? For all of us, it was a challenging year, and there was a lot to learn.”

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Finally, Phil talked about Xbox Game Pass, and how Microsoft sees this service:

“First and foremost, Game Pass’s goal has always been to make games accessible to people, not to get everyone involved. We wanted to create another option on our platform, and I am proud of the work the team has done.”

With these words with your opinion of Buy video game studiosPhil Spencer appears very positive, both for today and for the future that Xbox holds.

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