8 Useful But Unknown Apps

For Cashmore, social media should have had a date on the calendar because they made a breakthrough in communication and entertainment, he reported. not available. 15 months into the coronavirus pandemic, it cannot be said he was wrong.

So it was in In the context of the pandemic, social video network Tik Tok and Amazon Twitch streaming platform have become popular.. But there are other apps that are more specific in their usefulness, and have little to do with putting “likes” on other people’s photos.

8 Useful But Unknown Social Networking Apps


This application allows communication between book lovers. In it, you can discover what to read, rate and review books. You can also create a virtual library and participate in conversations with the community of book lovers.

happy cow

Sometimes it happens that it is difficult to find vegetarian or vegan restaurants. For those who adopt this lifestyle, there is a platform that showcases suitable buildings and users can point out or rely on the best. Perfect for use when traveling abroad.


Comic book lovers also have their network, where they have the opportunity to create their library with just one click. The comics can be found in more than 30 languages ​​and provide all the information needed to be consumed. In addition, they take into account the opinion of the user, who can review graphic works and share them with other readers.

a pet

A completely original proposal for those who like to have animals as a company. This virtual platform is designed so that people with pets can share experiences, photos and all kinds of related content. In short, you can share your passion for these living things.

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It was created exclusively for video game lovers. In it, players can share their experiences and opinions about new and old electronic games. It also displays news so users can stay informed of what’s coming next.


This digital platform offers users who love wine specific information about this drink. allow members of this community to add comments or ratings; You can also create lists and access more information about a specific wine, by scanning the label on the bottle.

liter box d

Moviegoers also have their own social network. It seeks to exchange tastes and opinions among fans of the seventh art. It contains information about films and you can review any work or leave comments on it.

Not Applicable

Beer lovers also have their place on the Internet, where you can review a brand or place that contains this drink. In addition, the platform shows companies that it is a good opportunity to analyze consumer trends and communicate directly with their customers.

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